Friday, July 19, 2013

I"m not a great happy writer

I haven't done a post in over a month, I open my blog every day and every day I think today I'll write something. Problem is I'm not very good at writing when I'm happy, when things are going well. Get me on a bad day and my journal is full of my deepest thoughts, I can put out sarcastic and heart wrenching posts but make me write about perfect days filled with smiles and laughs and I become rigid in my writing and it almost comes out as a step by step guide on a good day.

So here is a "step to step"post on what has been happening.

My toddler is quite literally insane or maybe he is just making me insane. I think terrible two's are starting to kick in full force and he's keeping us all on our toes all the time! He still doesn't sleep through the night and basically instead of fighting it I have just come to accept it and just continue to pray that one day before I die I'll get a few good nights sleep in and if not I guess I'll sleep a good few hundred years of my eternity in heaven.

We moving out! This I could write about, it's a bundle of mixed emotions, I'm scared, I'm nervous, I'm excited and I'm confused. I need a good few days to actually think about it before I sit and write about what it all means to me but while I put that in the back burner of my brain, I am focusing on decorating my new home in my head.

My company is thriving, more than I expected it would in the almost year it has been officially running. I love my job, I love having my mother has my partner, I love the fact that regardless of all my failures and mistakes in life I can firmly stand proud that at the age of 25 I own a successful business that is growing every day.

I'm starting another little side project that I will share soon. It's pure passion and I'm super excited to get it going.

I'm in love. I have found 'the one' and I have my very own little happy family.

So in between packing, working, running around after a little terror I am going to try focus a bit more time to my little blog here, I miss it.