Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Photo A Day

I was going to do the March one but failed before I even begun, I have been seeing these go around for months and have always wanted to give it a go but it really does take more time and energy than you might think. I am going to really try do this one, I can't promise loading the pictures everyday but will definitely do recaps at least once a week of all my images. If you care to join please leave a comment with a link of where I can find you and you're pictures. Small things like this excite me, yes I was a geek at school and proud.

There are Angels out there

Being a single-mom probably does suck even on a good day, I try not think about it to much and because I don't know anything else I am completely baffled when they say you are so strong because seriously I am just doing what I have to do.

I'm not strong, I'm just a mother.

What I do feel about being a single mom is the financial burden, especially when you aren't getting any maintenance. Baby's are expensive and I have stopped spending money on certain things.

One of them, magazines, I used to spend easily R200 a month on them now I buy none. Even buying baby magazines seems like a luxury but I seriously should be reading them as I am extremely lacking in the baby and toddler knowledge.

A little while ago I was talking about my struggles with feeding Aiden solids on twitter, I probably sounded clueless but a very kind lady picked up on the fact that I am struggling and found it in the kindness of her heart to get me a year subscription to Your Baby magazine.

I can't really believe there are people out there still with such generous hearts. I am extremely grateful.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

First post in ages that isn't a over due doctors bill 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Nanny Woes

Maybe I watched Mary Poppins to much growing up, maybe I loved Nanny Mcphee a tiny but to much for my age, I'm not quite sure if I am expecting to much from my nanny but I am one step away from firing her.

A serious pet peeve of mine is laziness, especially when it comes to work. You show initiative naturally don't you, okay well at least do what is the minimum of what is expected in your job description if doing a little more is just to much to ask.

She comes in 3 times week, from 8am-3pm, R1200 per month, her job to look after Aiden, stimulate him, play with him, read to him, whatever makes my child happy and makes him progress the way he is supposed to. All things related to Aiden, keep his room clean, wash his clothes, pack away his clothes, feed him and do his bottles, I was going to add on doing my one bedroom flat as well but I think she might die from being over worked if I just suggest it.

The first few weeks the whole stimulating and playing with my child went well, I don't know if she got bored but she now sits with him in the laundry room so she can chat to our maid, my son has the most beautiful bedroom, we have a large garden which Aiden loves to sit in and she sits in the laundry room. That and while I type this she is sitting in the kitchen while the maid does the dishes and Aiden is just sitting there and I can hear her fat conversation from here, down the passage. 

She makes him sleep constantly.

She shakes a rattle in his face for an hour if she has to, that's if he is awake for that long or she is not mid conversation with the maid.

His room is covered in dust and spider webs.

I have reorganised his cupboard about 5 times in hopes she'll figure out one piece's with one pieces, shorts with shorts and so forth but no luck yet.

I have 12 bottles, my system is wash, sterilize and fill the bottles with boiling water, she has NEVER left this house and left me with 12 washed, sterilized and filled bottles, actually I'm lucky if I get one and she sometimes leaves 2.30 because Aiden is sleeping and won't wake up by 3pm.

Now if she did those few things I just complained about I would actually be happy, if I wasn't paying her to sit around and read magazines and have a social life I would be happy and if she showed a bit of initiative I would be ecstatic.

I hate firing people but I don't see anything really changing with this nanny, please Mary Poppins I need you.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Making a list and checking it Twice

So last year I made this list of 23 things I want to do before I am 24, I am 24 on Saturday and I already know I have failed at most of these and I haven't even read through them yet. So here it goes to openly telling you which ones I accomplished, which ones I tried and which ones I completely and miserably failed.

23 Things to do before I'm 24...
  1. Get a drivers licence - I tried 3 times last year
  2. Finish (start) baby's room - Booya Accomplished and it is AMAZING!
  3. Start up Baby and maternity label - I can say I have researched but this year it's a must
  4. Do not become a smoker again - Hahahahahahahaha HA
  5. Loose baby weight - What I was thinking here I don't know, I am about 5kg's down but FAIL
  6. Finish atleast one book I've started this year - I finished 5
  7. Unpack my boxes from Cape Town - Halfway there
  8. Recycle my wardrobe - I can't even remember what I meant here, I did give away some stuff
  9. Sew up summer dresses and sell them - I am busy making my sewing room
  10. Learn Photoshop - Slowly but surely
  11. Get a new Christmas tree - It was beautiful
  12. Organise my baby shower - That was an awesome party
  13. Finish putting up photos and frames - Moved rooms but getting there, this I might get done.
  14. Survive child birth - Had a Caesar got a Liver infection from op but I am alive and kicking.
  15. Get involved in a charity - Stayed in a township and am involved in a soup kitchen in town
  16. Find a good nursery school/ Nanny - Got a nanny, not over joyed by her progress
  17. Go on holiday to Cape Town - Loved it, going again this year.
  18. Choose a surname for my Peanut - Aiden Mckay Smith but he goes by Aiden Mckay
  19. Make a baby blanket - FAIL
  20. Learn more about type-setting and Graphic design - I am starting a company
  21. Enroll for a Marketing course - Researched, need to register
  22. Look into seeing a shrink - Saw one, need to keep going I think.
  23. Catch up with friends (long list) - For the most part
24. Party the night away - I was planning on this big night, my actual birthday I will be on a Youth camp and last Saturday I had a braai with my closest friends and I don't feel I missed out on anything, It was perfect.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Running a Marathon

If you know me you will know my athletic ability is below zero. Anything containing a bat, a ball or balance is a no go zone in my life. I hated PT so much my mom used to let me skip those days of school or I would always be the student with a sick note.

It's not laziness as some people quite quickly tell me, I am just absolutely, terrible at it. 

I am however determined to get my body back that pregnancy stole from me and maybe even have a better one.

So I have committed myself to the Soweto Run 10km in November, I say committed as official sign up is not ready yet but I have joined a whole lot of awesome ladies from twitter and the blog world to doing it. I have dragged my mother and sister a long for the ride.

Hopefully I am not one of those people who look spastic when they run.

Friday, March 23, 2012


Private Schools

I never went to a private school, it was over populated with over 40 kids per classroom, no teacher-pupil interaction. You went got your shit done, went home did homework and projects. Got marked on it and passed.

It had all the normality's of school life, the popular kids, the nerds and the sport fanatics.

I hated school. I was a maths and science geek and then a rebellious outcast.

The education was a normal education that most of people receive.

I want to send Aiden to a private school, for education, for good education. That's what they all about or supposed to be about.

However my sisters experience at a private school has made me think otherwise about the hefty school fees and promise of a fabulous education and one on one teacher relationships.

It's filled to the brim with politics, over drive forcing of sports, hypocrisy and down right lies and judgement.

Maybe because it's a Christian based school, religion always has a way of messing things up.

The cost is about R4000 a month and she is in Matric now.

They have taken so much time worrying what sport she does every term but charge extra for extra lessons after school with the teachers you already pay.

They stress them out, telling them they all going to fail but my argument is, isn't it a teachers job to actually teach! To prepare you for exams and make sure you know you're work for the exams.

They freaked out and took prefect badges away because kids got drunk at my sisters 18th all with permission from there parents. Rumours were spread like wild fire about my sister and our family. What it had to do with anybody outside of who was at that party is beyond me and as Christians it's there job NOT to judge.

Last year it was swept under the carpet when students went to the principle with proof that the HOD was helping a student cheat on exams but they hold such high principals when it comes to drinking and missing papers because you are in hospital with a pipe up your ass getting a scope and biopsy's done.

On top of all that a lot of the teachers aren't even qualified teachers!

I could go on and on but here's my first experience with private schools and maybe it's best if Aiden gets just a normal experience with school instead of a conceited, pompous and stressed out life of that of a private school.

Dealing with popular kids and bully's is one thing, dealing with the politics of power greedy adults is another.

Why Mothers Cry

Why Mothers Cry

"Why are you crying?" he asked his mom. 
"Because I'm a mother," she told him. 
"I don't understand," he said. 
His mom just hugged him and said, "You never will!" 
Later the little boy asked his father why Mother 
seemed to cry for no reason. 
"All mothers cry for no reason," was all his dad could say. 
The little boy grew up and became a man, still wondering 
why mothers cry. So he finally put in a call to God, and 
when God got on the phone the man said, 
"God, why do mothers cry so easily?" 
God said, "You see son, when I made mothers they had 
to be special. I made their shoulders strong enough to 
carry the weight of the world, yet gently enough to give 
comfort. I gave them an inner strength to endure childbirth 
and the rejection that many times come from their children." 
"I gave them a hardiness that allows them to keep going 
when everyone else gives up, and to take care of their 
families through sickness and fatigue without complaining." 
"I gave them the sensitivity to love their children under all 
circumstances, even when their child has hurt them very 
badly. This same sensitivity helps them to make a child's boo-boo 
feel better and helps them share a teenager's anxieties and fears." 
"I gave them a tear to shed. It's theirs exclusively to use whenever 
it's needed. It's their only weakness. It's a tear for mankind."

...Author Unknown

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Going to find this


I saw this ad on TV the other day, it's Tresemme' Dry Shampoo collection. 

I am a bit crazy when it comes to leaving the house looking bad. I never go out without make up on, my outfit has to be stylish and once upon a time my hair was always styled to perfection. Those days went out the window when I had Aiden and if my hair looks good once a week it's a major thing.

If I style my hair, it only lasts 2 evenings max and then I have to wash and redo it all over again, it has become to much of a mission and so the ponytail do is my thing at the moment.

So this product is supposed to be a Dry Shampoo in between your normal shampoo's. High Five to whoever came up with this amazing concept, I haven't tried it yet but will be looking for it this weekend and once I have tried and tested it I will let you all know if it's the miracle we have all been hoping for.


Time Flies

Time flies when you are having fun. Right. Wrong. Time just flies. Life moves so quickly sometimes I wonder what the hell am I doing with it.

The last 2 weeks have been a blur of mundane human activities.

I can quite honestly say my life is no where near where or how I want it to be. I know I am the only one who can change it and I'm slowly getting around to it.

Big news in my life are the following.

Aiden is supposed to be eating solids. Aiden doesn't like solids. I have tried cereal (3 kinds), apple purity and home-made veggie purée, he doesn't like it or is he vaguely interested in swallowing. He actually makes himself gag. This is 3 weeks in and yesterday he just screamed blue murder every time we put him in his high chair. So I'm stopping for now, I'll try again when he is 5 months.

I got a Diploma 3 years ago, the last 3 years I have done freelancing of every kind and a lot of waitressing in Cape Town. I enjoy the freedom of it but hate the instability of it especially now I have a kid I have to support on my own. However finding a job in this country is impossible. Literally impossible. So if any of you need an assistant or a slave, I will work for next to nothing if it means a step into some kind of door. (That's not sarcasm, seriously I will be your slave)

My sister is very sick, and as usual the medical profession is useless and can't figure out what's wrong with her. This is after a stomach scope, biopsy and a CT scan.

Sometimes life just is, and I am staying positive and still reaching for the moon.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Empty Picture Frames

I watched 'The Swith' this weekend, it's another one of Jennifer Anistons feel good, rom coms, the basics of the story is a single woman decides to have a baby through a sperm donor and it gets switched and years later it comes out the father is her best friend.

This little boy is eccentric to say the least and he collects picture frames, but doesn't put pictures inside the frames he keeps the picture that you buy with the frame inside them. He has hundreds all around his room and nobody ever thinks of asking him why. So everybody thinks this little boy is just strange collecting empty picture frames.

Until one day somebody asks why he collects these frames.

Every frame and the picture in it has a story. The people in the picture that come with the frame is a person with a history and a personality. They are all his father and his family, his grandfather, his fathers brothers and sisters, when they went fishing and to the zoo. They all have jobs and quirks.

He built his history of his father he doesn't know.

I have a feeling Aiden might collect empty photo frames one day.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Another Link

Yes yes I know what about me posting about me, the most exciting part of my day at the moment is feeding Aiden solids and how many videos do you really want to see.

So I am going to send you over once again to the amazing Stacey Vee, she truly is a woman to look up too and if I was a special person who had awards to give out I would give her probably most of them.

It's for a good cause and you can make a difference in an awesome childs life.



Do it.

There's a Lionheart in our Bath Tub - Give a Lionheart your old iPad

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Please go to this amazing blog especially if you have never read it before. This last post is a real heart tugger and a real eye opener of what society has become.



Do it.

There's a Lionheart in our Bath Tub - Killing (disabled) Newborns

4 Months Today!

Dear Aiden

I wouldn't say I was the world's greatest mom but I don't think I'm adapting too badly. I can read you my son, I know when you tired, I know when you are in a playful mood, I know when you just want me, I know when you hungry and so on.

I never thought I'd enjoy playing the role of a mother but I am, I'm not saying it's easy but my love for you Aiden is so unbelievable I can't imagine not having you in my life, even for a second.

Aiden you are 4 months today, and in 4 months you have taught me so much already.

You have taught me that love exsists, not a normal cliche' love but a love so strong nothing could break it.

You have taught me patience, that the best way to handle a situation is with a calm nature, to just breath before I take on the world.

Having you in my life has shown me that it's okay not to get everything right all the time, you have allowed me to allow myself to not worry about everyone elses pain and sorrow, that it is okay to some times to just take care of myself and you.

You have given me a drive and ambition to be more than just the best I can be.

I want to make my dreams come true, so I can show you that anything is possible.

I want success so I can make sure all you're dreams can come true.

I know things are a bit of a mess at the best of times. I know we aren't a conventional family. I'm not saying it's going to be easy for you and I in the future but I can say I will do anything in my power to give you the best life possible.

Because in 4 short months you have changed my life, you have saved my soul.

Strange but Amazing!

Friday, March 2, 2012


To those....

To those who called me a slut because I have a baby out of wedlock....


Some Friday Fun

Kat in Africa tagged me in this little task. So here it goes. 
The (bendable) rules:
You must post these rules.
Each person must post 11 things about herself on his/her blog. (You can skip this)
Answer the questions the “tagger” listed for you in her post, and create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
You must choose 11 people to tag and link to them in the post.
Go to each blogger’s page and mention that you have tagged

11 Things about Me:
  1. I'm a Graphic Designer/ Fashion Designer
  2. I love Breakfast for Supper
  3. I am NOT a morning person
  4. My family is my life
  5. My favourite place in South Africa is Cape Town
  6. I am naturally a blonde
  7. I love photography
  8. I'd go to the theatre over a party any day
  9. I do love Hello Kitty
  10. I throw beautiful party's
  11. I don't believe in love

My Questions to Answer
  1. Who was your childhood hero and why?  - I don't remember anyone in particular but I loved Ballerina's, all of them and wanted to be as graceful as them.
  2. If you could take a year out of your life and do whatever you wanted what would you do(money not an object)? - I would travel the world with my mom and sister.
  3. What is your favourite drink? - Pina Colada or Vodka & Lemonade
  4. What is the name of your favourite restaurant? - Bombay Bicycle, Cape Town
  5. What was the best holiday of your life and why? - I travelled London and Scotland, I always dreamed of travelling and I didn't let anything stop me from going. I made sure I made the money and had the time to go. 
  6. Favourite song of the moment? - Rumours by Adele
  7. Write the first line of your memoirs. - I conquered it all and this is how...
  8. Number one goal for this year. - Get my drivers, start my Miss Preggy label
  9. If you could change one thing in your life what would it be. - I would have a stable income
  10. Favourite movie and why? - Patch Adams, making a difference in peoples lifes changes the world one person at a time.
  11. Name the six people at your ultimate dinner party. Living or dead. - Casey Mckay, Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon, Jesus, Marie Antoinette and my mommy.
My Questions for You 
  1. If you could have any talent what would it be?
  2. What did you want to be when you grew up?
  3. Favourite book and why?
  4. If you had 3 wishes what would you wish for?
  5. The name of you're first kiss?
  6. What is the most rebellious thing you've ever done?
  7. What do you do for a living?
  8. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
  9. Hollywood crush?
  10. Favourite musician?
  11. 5 things that make up a good friend?
People I would love to answer my questions:

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hear what Oprah Winfrey


If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away. If he doesn't want you, nothing can make him stay. Stop making excuses for a man and his behavior. Allow your intuition (or spirit) to save you from heartache. Stop trying to change yourself for a relationship that's not meant to be. Slower is better. Never live your life for a man before you find what makes you truly happy. If a relationship ends because the man was not treating you as you deserve then heck no, you can't "be friends". A friend wouldn't mistreat a friend. Don't settle. If you feel like he is stringing you along, then he probably is Don't stay because you think "it will get better"You'll be mad at yourself a year later for staying when things are not better.The only person you can control in a relationship is you. Avoid men who've got a bunch of children by a bunch of different women.He didn't marry them when he got them pregnant, why would he treat you any differently? Always have your own set of friends separate from his.Maintain boundaries in how a guy treats you. If something bothers you, speak up.Never let a man know everything.* He will use it against you later.You cannot change a man's behavior.  

Change comes from within. Don't EVER make him feel he is more important than you are...Even if he has more education or in a better job.Do not make him into a quasi-god.He is a man, nothing more nothing less.Never let a man define who you are.Never borrow someone else's man.If he cheated with you, he'll cheat on you.A man will only treat you the way you ALLOW him to treat you. All men are NOT dogs.You should not be the one doing all the bending...Compromise is two way street. You need time to heal between relationships...There is nothing cute about baggage...Deal with your issues before pursuing a new relationshipYou should never look for someone to COMPLETE you...A relationship consists of two WHOLE individuals...Look for someone complimentary...not supplementary. Dating is fun...even if he doesn't turn out to be Mr. Right. Make him miss you sometimes...when a man always know where you are, and you're always readily available to him - he takes it for granted Never move into his mother's house. Never co-sign for a man. Don't fully commit to a man who doesn't give you everything that you need.*Keep him in your radar but get to know others. 

Scared of being alone is what makes a lot of women stay in relationships that are abusive or hurtful: Dr. Phil says You should know that: You're the best thing that could ever happen to anyone and if a man mistreats you, he'll miss out on a good thing. If he was attracted to you in the 1st place, just know that he's not the only one.They're all watching you, so you have a lot of choices.Make the right one. Ladies take care of your own hearts.