Friday, June 14, 2013

With Fathers Day looming

It's that time of the year again only this year my heart is in a whole different place. I've come to realise although Aiden's bio dad is nothing to brag about we have some pretty awesome men in our lives. My dad, who is probably the best grandpa I've ever seen. My crazy ass brother who will be the cool uncle I won't let my kid go out with after a certain age and then the man in my life, our life, who treats my boy as his own.

I have been trying to find ways to show my gratitude to Bradley on Fathers Day but without the blatantly "daddy" things as I'm not quite sure where and when that will be acceptable. We learning here daily, baby steps. Along my research I found these cards, they not particularly what I was looking for but they funny.

Happy Fathers day to all the great men who raise their children, all the miracle men who help raise other mens children and to all the single mommy's doing it alone, it's your day too!

Happy Father's Day to a stepdad whose disappointment in me is so genuine it feels biological.

A little time away

Any relationship is hard, its takes tons of work and patience and compromise. Being in a relationship with a toddler is a whole other ball game. Your relationship kinda skips that whole puppy love aspect as time is min and there's this little person jumping in between kisses and romantic words.

We try have one date night a week and every second weekend an entire night off from being with A, we do get time in between that but with life being so busy we haven't lately.

I randomly said that we need to get away even if it's for 2 nights, we need that time alone. Only to realise we hadn't in 6 months spent 2 nights alone together.

And so we went away, for 2 nights, to the quaint little Nullarbor Cottages in Magaliesburg.

It was a silent heaven.

And the perfect time to reconnect.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

In our backyard (almost) - Rietvlei Farm

Lately we've gotten into quite a rut, we became hermits for a while and weren't getting out the house at all. Thus making us all a tad insane and making the toddler extremely uncontrollable. It's hard to find things to do and places to go that are kid friendly and affordable. And when I say kid friendly I mean an environment where the kids can play freely and I can watch them from a distance.

Now I have lived in Alberton my whole life and I always tend to venture out when we plan something to do because well it's the South, what exactly is there to do here. Low and behold, there is a gem of a place literally down the road from me and if you venture past the front section there is a little kiddies heaven. (No I never knew this place existed) I have always taken my car to get washed there and then stop at the very open restaurant, which is like sitting in your garden with a waiter.

A little while ago we went a little further and found what Rietvlei Farm is really all about. For R25 for adults and R12 for kids you step into a huge farm with a Petting Zoo, picnic facilities, braai facilities, lapa's to rent for birthday parties, train rides, pony rides, tractor rides, there's even a Spa! The list goes on and on.

It's our new favourite spot.

And my new mission to find things to do closer to home.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

And the winners are...

I always try make this as random as humanly possible. So I've opened up a new post and will type the first 5 numbers that come to my head between 1 & 11 and then check who the lucky winners of the Babygroup vouchers are.

So the lucky numbers are:


And those winners would be....

Remember When
Brigitta Nel

Please will the winners email me at with your contact info and I can get your vouchers to you ASAP.