Friday, April 1, 2011

Instruction Manual

Thank goodness I found this baby instruction manual, else I would of gotten a few things wrong.

1 - Why would I want to wake up my baby???

2. I might just of contemplated this one.

3. I don't like either options. 

4. OK, I'm not this malicious

5. I thought Cartoon Network was every mom's saving grace.

6. Will try find a happy medium. 

7. I heard Stopayne syrup works like a bomb.

8. I love my clothes way to much....but somebody else's....

9. Both of these look horrific and make me want to gag already.

10. Is this thing serious, I have never heard of cleaning a baby's nose???

11. I get one....this is also news to me???

12. This is why you start saving and selling your body for a full time nanny.

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