Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Retail Therapy Disasters

My first weekend as a knowing pregnant woman.... tears, laughter and anger were the main ingredients but those seem to be a daily concoction of my life lately. Saturday I woke up with a violent attack of depression. The world was grey, my life seemed worthless and  getting out of bed was not on my "To do list."

You see the day before I decided I deserved a day of retail therapy, shoes, handbags, new clothes...what more can a girl ask for. Well when my eyes popped open. I realised its the last thing I want because I'll either have to buy clothes that won't fit me in a few months or buy clothes anticipating my growing belly, neither of these looking like very good options. Then there was this thing that my mom and sis decided looking at baby furniture seemed like the best thing they would do all year and my mom wanting to buy a beautiful, fluffy baby blanket. This statement throwing my joyous morning sickness into full swing.

So I simply told everybody I wasn't getting out of bed and there was nothing they could do about it.... I was wrong. My wonderful and wise 17 year old sister gave me one of the best guilt trips I have ever heard, which forced me to get out of bed but of coarse with the biggest frown and reluctance. I was like an overgrown toddler myself and tripped over my own bottom lip a few times just getting from my bedroom to the car.

Deciding along the way that I would try enjoy this adventure, soon came to a halt when walking around one of my favourite stores and my adorable mother coming to show me a dress... a preggy dress that is. My heart sank and I realised my once favourite thing to do was slowly becoming a thing that I would have to do just to find things that fit.

Baby furniture.... yuck is all I can say, does everything around pregnancy revolve around uber kitsch and fluffy and 'oh so cliche'.' I think the only part I might actually be excited about is the creation of the babies room but after that little excursion I think it might be a bit of a problem creating what I have in my head.

Don't worry there is a silver lining to this thunder cloud. On the way out of the mall after 5 hours of reality slaps and tiny pick me ups, we made a last stop in Mr Price Home, thinking maybe they have a cot without a badly painted pink teddy on it. They didn't but i found this huge, over-sized and brightly coloured caterpillar that I absolutely fell in love with and had to have and if Peanut doesn't want it, I'm more than happy for it to take over my bed.

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