Thursday, December 8, 2011

Time Eliminated

I think about writing on my blog all day every day and before you know it the day's gone. Then I check again and the weeks gone and then I woke up this morning and realised, oh shit, Aiden is a month today. He's getting so big and so aware of his surroundings and more demanding of my time.

Tired is not quite the word to use about how my body is feeling, exhausted, fatigued or maybe just zombified would be more accurate. Overwhelmed at times, over emotional most of the time and completely in love the rest of the time.

Aiden and I are living between my parents house and D's house, which is great and very hard all at the same time. Packing and unpacking a whole house every time and travelling between Alberton and Benoni is a mission all in itself but it gives Aiden bonding time with his father which is always amazing to watch and D is amazing with him and such a great help and a different four walls to be in is always a good break.

This must be the hardest thing I have ever done but the most rewarding, the last month has flown by and as I try and sit and write all thats happened I realise I can't even tell you. Its been one hell of a roller coaster and I have many hand written posts for you that I'll get up for you all this weekend.


  1. I'm glad to hear that D is being such a good daddy to your gorgeous little boy.

    I miss your posts too but I totally understand the craziness that accompanies a newborn. Take care Jess. I often think of you xoxox