Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I'm a survivor

I have officially survived my first round of school holidays.

I never understood growing up why I always heard moms moan about school holidays, why on earth would any one not want school holidays or want them shorter. I now know why.

Don't get me wrong I love the festive season and I love spending them with my boy however the last 3 weeks have been the most tiring and sent me to breaking point a good few times.

It didn't help that we worked right through and so my entire family have been stuck in the house the whole time and after a week we were all sick of each other and passing A to who ever was willing to do the next hour and all counting down the days till 7 January when A would start school again.

7 January finally came around and A was up at his usual 5.30, I hunted for school bags and communication books and got him looking all handsome for his first day of school and I was beyond ecstatic to get him there at opening and come home and crawl into bed and hibernate for the day.

I drove into the school, a deserted parking lot stood before me and my heart sank. I parked my car and just stared at the closed doors and couldn't believe how I got the date wrong. I looked back at A and looked back at the door and just broke. Yes I cried, I cried that I had to spend another full day looking after my child because I will easily admit I am no superwoman and I am tired, emotionally, physically and mentally.

I did however survive the day, barely but we both made it out alive and this morning I was the first parent waiting for the doors to open and I came home and got to crawl back into bed.


  1. Hi,
    I sent of a secret santa gift for you , turns out there was a mix up and I was supposed to send to someone else but I just wanted to give you your tracking no anyway PE785425206ZA.
    Hope you are feeling stronger today, i promise it will get easier:-)

  2. LOL holidays always bring with them a certain amount of anxiety but somehow we get through it :)

    Hope your 2013 is awesome!!!

  3. Shame man! Ours actually did open on the 7th luckily. I love spending some quiet time with my pink terrorist, but it's not exactly quiet time now is it - man alive, I'm exhausted! I need another break that just for me now. I'm taking two mental health half days to get myself back on track.

  4. I think any mom can relate Jess. Just tonight I totally freaked when I heard Zoe call for me, just 5 minutes after I put her to bed *sigh* That feeling of yay I have some "me" time comes to a halt when you realize you still need to be in "mom' mode, it's totally frustrating!