Monday, January 28, 2013

The Wait

On our holiday little A got a lot of scraps and bruises and he kept hurting the same spots so they kept getting worse. He then got a few blisters that turned into infected sores, I brushed it off as a boy being a boy.

When we got back home, slowly his mosquito bites started opening up and becoming uzzing sores and basically it looks like my child is rotting. Off to the doctor we go, when your GP is puzzled and says she wants to rather be safe than sorry, your heart drops and you think of all the things you could of done differently, what you did wrong, what it will mean if something is seriously wrong.

I was sent to the lab immediately for blood work to check for PIDD's (Primary Immune Deficiency Disorder) and to check his White Blood Cell count. I know never to research what a test is until you know the results but I'm a mom, its my job to worry, to know what might possibly hurt my child and what might possibly come our way.

So now I sit and wait, and I sit and pray that when the results come back tomorrow they are all clear and my little A just has a bad case of zombie rots. And I also sit and wait and prepare my heart and mind for if the results come back with bad news and we have to fight a life long illness.

My minds racing and my heart is hurting and I'm wishing I could take all the pain and suffering my child will ever face onto myself.


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  1. I promise you this, Jess - no matter the results - you already have all the qualities inside you to see both you and your little man through this. Fingers, toes and eyebrows crossed that the results come back with good news. x