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Five Star Treatment by Pampers

Give Baby the Five Star Treatment

Every mom wants to do what is best for her baby but she is constantly confronted with conflicting advice, making it hard for her to know where to begin. For this reason, leading nappy brand, Pampers® has compiled a five star panel of experts to identify how mom can give baby the best possible experience to nurture her development.
Carefully selected to provide invaluable advice on what is best for baby, Dr Mpofu (dermatologist), Dr Hetan Hari (paediatrician), Sister Lilian (parenting expert), Leanne Manas (award-winning TV presenter and mom) and Natasha Clark (parenting blogger) have gathered to provide mom with guidance on how to give baby the five star treatment. Together they agree that caring for baby’s skin is one of the very best things mom can do for baby.

Sensory Alert

“Your little one’s sensory experiences shape the way in which his brain and nervous system grow and mature. Crawling, touching, smelling, seeing and hearing brings baby into contact with new sensory experiences that guide his development. By taking care of his skin mom ensures that baby can explore his world without the distraction of discomfort,” advises leading paediatrician, Dr Hetan Hari.
 “An infant’s nervous system is more sensitive to touch than mom or dad’s which means they experience most stimuli more intensely and every experience feels ‘larger than life’. The skin of a newborn differs from that of an adult or older child because it is thinner and more permeable,
making it particularly susceptible to extrinsic factors such as dampness. As a result, discomfort in the nappy area can be quite an unpleasant and distressing experience for baby.  Therefore a baby’s skin and sensory state requires extra special consideration, especially in the first few years,” adds Dr Hari.
Fellow panellist, TV presenter and mom, Leanne Manas has some experience in this area and she says, "Shortly after my son was born he developed nappy rash and I remember this being quite a traumatic time.

It was so heart-breaking to see my newborn baby suffering from discomfort at such a young and tender age. This experience taught me a valuable lesson on the importance of skin protection for babies."

Sensitivity Zones

Dermatologist, Dr Mpofu concurs and highlights the danger zones: “Baby’s delicate skin is extremely vulnerable and as a result, nappy dermatitis occurs in 20% of children under the age of two. The good news is that it can be prevented by protecting baby’s skin, particularly in the nappy area.  To ensure baby does not suffer from the discomfort associated with these forms of dermatitis, it is essential to maintain dryness in the diaper zone by limiting the contact of baby’s skin with urine and faeces. This serves to effectively prevent the resulting maceration, or saturation of the skin.”

This is a fact that mommy blogger and panellist, Natasha Clark knows well: “When I had my first baby, Noah, I was very na├»ve about nappies and skin protection for babies, and I had a lot of issues trying to prevent his nappy rash. Some days I had to leave him without a diaper all together, so that his skin could breathe, and you can just imagine the resulting mess and spills. I tried all sorts of home remedies including cutting out fabric softener - I really am not exaggerating when I say that I tried EVERYTHING. Eventually, I found that using a premium nappy brand gave his skin the protection I was looking for," says Clark.  

Advice for Demanding Skin

Leading parenting expert and five-star panellist, Sister Lilian offers the following advice to moms wishing to protect baby’s demanding skin: “After baby’s bath, use an ultra-soft towel to gently pat dry baby’s skin and avoid rubbing as this could irritate baby’s delicate skin. 
On sunny days, protect baby’s vulnerable skin by keeping them in the shade, clothing them in cool yet protective garments and ensuring they are wearing a high factor UV sun screen
specially formulated for baby skin.”             
“Alternatively in winter, protect baby’s skin from cold temperatures and strong winds by ensuring they are well wrapped up against the elements if you go outside. And remember to dress baby in soft, loose fitting, comfortable clothes.  This will enable baby to move freely, promote better air circulation and prevent your baby from feeling uncomfortable during the day and night,” Sister Lilian concludes.

Pamper Your Little Star

As a mom, you want to do the very best for your baby, so ensure your little star is experiencing her world in a happy and comfortable manner by giving her skin the five star treatment. Not only will you be guiding baby’s development, but you’ll enjoy the delicate softness of her skin for longer too. Pampers® knows that moms want do what is best for baby, which is why the premium nappy brand has developed a diaper that offers five star skin protection. So look out for Pampers® Premium Care on shelf in a supermarket or pharmacy near you, and give your little star the five star treatment.

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