Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dear Aiden

You always have to be looking for the rainbow, you have to always have a little faith, you have to always be able to dance in the rain, you have to always appreciate the small things and you have to always keep going.

I will easily admit that at the best of times I can be a pessimist, I often would much rather pull the duvet back over my head and not face the day and my current problems. It's easier. It's less scary. And there's no room for failure that way.

But in all honesty it's failing in one easy step.

Because at the end of the day, things might be tough right now but I have, you have, we all have at least seven things we can be truly grateful for and those seven things are what I keep reminding myself of and those seven things keep me getting up in the morning and keep me ambitious and strong and brave.

My love you are always number one on that list and always the best reminder of how lucky I am in life and you are always a reason to keep going and keep trying.

The rest of the list in our life's right now my boy are...

our great family that help us on a daily basis,
a great man who loves us and keeps mommy laughing,
good friends that are always there with a shoulder to cry on,
I'm very blessed with a company that constantly provides for us,
you passed all medical tests,
and we looking at moving into our own home.

I can't promise you mommy is going to be sunshine and butterflies every day but every thing I do, I do it for you.

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