Thursday, February 28, 2013

The one lots have been waiting for

I decided from the beginning that I would not discuss my relationship on this platform, as much as people want to know and as helpful as it could be to other single moms in the dating world, I am choosing to keep it private, you just need to know I am happy and extremely lucky and Aiden is happy and that's what matters.

I will say this...

It is not as easy as lets fall madly in love, rob a bank and run away together unless you remember the camper cot.

Relationships and nights out are arranged around babysitters and unforeseen illnesses.

My back is in a lot less pain thanks to the fact that I now have help with carrying around my extra being.

I now have someone hearing me swear under my breath at 2am because Aiden won't sleep and that alone feels amazing.

I have been spoilt with being able to drink my coffee in the morning in peace, I often get to pee alone and I have spent many a Sunday lying on a blanket outside while Aiden is occupied.

I have someone listening to me cry because Aiden is just becoming to much, I have someone listening when I'm worried about doctors visits, I have someone listening about teething issues and cake n candy sales, well we never sure if men are listening but I am no longer having conversations to myself about all that stuff.

There is someone playing cars with Aiden and making manly car sounds (I don't do it right, apparently)

We haven't nailed the dirty diapers yet but we are in no rush.

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  1. That was an awesome entry - so happy for you my darling!