Monday, March 18, 2013

I would have another baby for this

When Aiden was born one of my pet peeves was bottles, making them, constantly cleaning hundreds of them, sterilizing them, scooping at 2am, dropping tins of formula on my toes and loosing half the product at 4am, carrying an over night bag just to go to Spur because you need a whole scientific kit to make a babies bottle. 

I went to a launch last week, definitely a one of the best I've been to so far, it was all fancy schmancy and it was fun being treated like we mattered for a while before we had to go home to dirty diapers and bottle making.

Basically Aspen is launching a new miracle in a mothers life, a Ready-to-feed formula, yip you read right, it's made for you, in individual 200ml servings, it's genius, I would seriously have another baby just so I could try it out and feel the convenience of not trying to count scoops at 1am.

Description: P:\Brand Team\Aspen\Infacare Liquid Gold\Product Visuals\Infacare Gold3.jpg

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