Thursday, April 11, 2013

Aiden, it's about me this time!

Very rarely do I take off the mommy hat and make things about me, it's actually quite impossible because as soon as you even think about doing this your little ones pick up on it and go all kinds of bonka's on you and almost forces you to put the hat back on.

On Saturday night I was throwing myself a party to celebrate my 25 years of life, I warned everyone in advance that although I was throwing it at home I was indeed off mommy duty, for one night, I was just me, a young free 25 year old with a few tequila's in my pocket.

I had a great time! I haven't let my hair down that much since before I had a bun in the oven. With old friends and some new ones who I adore, I had a blast, pink cupcakes, jelly vodka's and cheese puffs were on the menu, with a variety of music and blazing fire and lots of laughs, it was definitely one to remember.

Don't worry Aiden, it's all about you again...and thank you so much for being so well behaved the next day when mommies head was so sore.


  1. Happy 25th Jess!
    It's totally ok to take your mommy hat off every once in a while. I do it at least once a week (bookclub, date night or friends night out). We must never lose sight of ourselves. Happy Mom = Happy Babe :)

  2. Here's to your 25th year being an awesome one. Love the new hair colour btw xx