Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Dear Aiden

You had your first operation done the other day, they cut out a little ball of gross stuff that had been sitting above your eye since you were only 6 weeks old. I was so scared for you to go under and hadn't slept well weeks before your operation and I sat there with tears in my eyes the entire time you were gone behind those doors. You were so brave and you took it better than any of us thought. Just an hour after surgery you were running around like a mad thing as if nothing had even happened. You got 3 stitches and when you woke up the next morning you had a huge swollen black eye, very hard walking around with you looking like that, everybody just looked at us as if we had been beating you. It's just another small thing we have gone through together, survived together and another great story to tell. You fill my life we so many of these and I treasure all these moments no matter if the painful or scary or those of pure joy, they in my heart and will be forever more.


  1. He is SO cute Jess. I love the second picture of him.

    He really is a true little rockstar, for sure!

  2. He is getting cuter and cuter!!