Friday, June 14, 2013

A little time away

Any relationship is hard, its takes tons of work and patience and compromise. Being in a relationship with a toddler is a whole other ball game. Your relationship kinda skips that whole puppy love aspect as time is min and there's this little person jumping in between kisses and romantic words.

We try have one date night a week and every second weekend an entire night off from being with A, we do get time in between that but with life being so busy we haven't lately.

I randomly said that we need to get away even if it's for 2 nights, we need that time alone. Only to realise we hadn't in 6 months spent 2 nights alone together.

And so we went away, for 2 nights, to the quaint little Nullarbor Cottages in Magaliesburg.

It was a silent heaven.

And the perfect time to reconnect.

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  1. Nice! Two whole nights! Jealous!