Friday, June 14, 2013

With Fathers Day looming

It's that time of the year again only this year my heart is in a whole different place. I've come to realise although Aiden's bio dad is nothing to brag about we have some pretty awesome men in our lives. My dad, who is probably the best grandpa I've ever seen. My crazy ass brother who will be the cool uncle I won't let my kid go out with after a certain age and then the man in my life, our life, who treats my boy as his own.

I have been trying to find ways to show my gratitude to Bradley on Fathers Day but without the blatantly "daddy" things as I'm not quite sure where and when that will be acceptable. We learning here daily, baby steps. Along my research I found these cards, they not particularly what I was looking for but they funny.

Happy Fathers day to all the great men who raise their children, all the miracle men who help raise other mens children and to all the single mommy's doing it alone, it's your day too!

Happy Father's Day to a stepdad whose disappointment in me is so genuine it feels biological.

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