Sunday, September 15, 2013

On moving out

So we moved out.
We moved in with Bradley.
Our new house still has boxes lying around.
And still tons of work to do before it looks like a home.
But I wake up in our room and because we have so much space I have a white bed set and white curtains because I can make rules like no eating in mommies room because well we have a whole house to eat in.
Its bliss.
You see at my parents place the only real space was my room which also happened to have the downstairs tv in so it was kind of like a train station for every one. I felt very suffocated.
I don't any more. I can breathe again.
I am however a tad bit homesick. A tad bit sad to be building a new life without my parents in it every step. I have moved out before, I lived in Cape Town for 2 years so it's not the shelter of home I miss it's my family.
The last few years have been super rough and having a child at home is different in the sense that they not only my immediate family but Aidens as well. They the ones who came with me to scans and rushed me too the hospital when I went into labour. They were there when I had nervous breakdowns from sleep deprivation and the ones who shared all his milestones with me.
They are my life as much as Aiden is and I do miss them and I don't want to loose that or get to busy to keep it.
So even though I have moved out, a part of me and my heart will always be there and it will always be mine and Aidens home.
If I can even be half as great a parent as mine have been I know I will have done a brilliant job.
So to my mom and dad, I love you with everything I have and I am the woman I am today because of your continuous love, support and encouragement.


  1. The first few months are an adjustment but it is so totally worth!

    So glad you have found your happy :))

  2. Here's to your "new" normal! All the best!