Friday, September 14, 2012


Aiden has a room made in kid's heaven and it was my only goal when I was pregnant, I have bought him toy after toy and all he cares about is the packaging. So I stopped buying him crap and then I saw this bubble gun down one of the aisles and thought why not. It has a pretty cool tune for a toy and it doesn't pierce my brain just yet and the look on A's face when we play with it, is just to adorable, the utter amazement and wonder in his eyes makes me laugh till my tummy hurts. Look at the video and see what a cutie my son is.

Oh it's a  Verimark product which Pick n Pay seems to be stocking now.

P.S I was not sponsored or given this product to review, nor was I paid, I just think it's a real cool toy and my kid loves bubbles


  1. OMG! Kamva has has quite a few of these and I now hide the ones I can find and I stay clear of them at shops! ANYTHING but the bubble machiine it drives me to drink. The tune is cool in the beginning and then I can't take it anymore

  2. ours DOESNT make a song :).... just bubbles, its ot the verimark one just one i found at clicks