Thursday, September 6, 2012

Santa Shoebox Project

When I lived in Cape Town I took part in this initiative, I didn't know it was actually a country wide project.
It's a great foundation and doesn't take a lot of your money or time and you will be making a child's Christmas a good one.

The Santa Shoebox WEBSITE is easy to use and it takes probably less than 10 minutes to register and pledge a shoebox to a child, you choose the your child and what organisation they are from and you get a medium sized shoebox fill it with a list of items, decorate the box or wrap it up (lid separately), stick on the label they will email you and you drop it off at one of the many destinations.

What needs to be in the box:

-Toothpaste and tooth brush
-Bar of soap and wash cloth
-An outfit of clothing
-Educational supplies
-A toy

Get involved, get your family and friends involved, get your colleagues involved, get your neighbours involved, get strangers involved, get everyone involved!

They have a Facebook Page - 
And you can follow them on Twitter - @SantaShoebox

If you are one of my friends or crazy family members I expect you to do a box and I will do one big drop, if you get it to me or give me the cash and I'll do a box for you! Charlene, Lee, Simmy, Mom, Aunty, and all you others, I know you reading this!

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