Friday, September 7, 2012

It's become so ugly

When I started blogging I didn't even know there where Mommy Bloggers or Mommy Forums or an army of mommy's on Twitter. I got knocked up and having written journals my whole life, I started and online one to help keep me sane. I was anonymous in the beginning, until I came to terms with what was going on and I entered the world that I once loved but at the moment I feel like I have to walk on egg shells, have to watch what I say and actually stress about not the critics or readers but actually of fellow bloggers and tweeters. Not just any bloggers or tweeters, but fellow mothers!

When did this all become so ugly.

When did it become one big competition.

When did it matter who had the highest stats or what peoples stats even were.

When did we start sub-tweeting each other and pushing one another down.

When did we start bullying people like we are in high school.

Why are there mean girls and name calling.

Why do we care who has what sponsors or what giveaways or what reviews, because it's all one big circle and we all benefit from it because if we not giving it away, we stand a chance of winning it somewhere else and we get info on new products, I am proud and happy for other bloggers when they succeed or get another deal because I read peoples stories and I care whether they are happy.

The last while all I have seen is little digs from people left, right and center, attacking one another and I just can't justify it in my mind.

I can't see what you gain from being nasty or bringing someone down. I don't see what you could get at all, really I can't understand it.

We as "Mommy bloggers" or what ever you want to call yourselves it's just a name, we created this world we spend so much time in, we created a place to be ourselves in and a place where we can get support and information and also a place where we can build lasting friendship, why on earth would we then go and sabbotage it, with in the only way to put it, childish bullshit!


  1. I agree with you.

    I think with anything there will always be a "sense of competition" and Mommy Bloggers are no different.

    There are popular IT Girl Mommy Bloggers and everyone is clammering to be it, and there is a circle of Mommy Bloggers .... but that is reality, and it is only a reflection of the way life works.

    I do not begrudge bloggers who are more successful and more popular than me -- I accept that this is just the way it is.

    I bob along, do my thing, and if it is liked, great, if not, then that is fine as well.

    Last year I defined who I was through social media/blogging/forums - and I got a large cyber bitch slap - and my world fell apart because THAT was who I thought I was and if "they" did not accept me then who was I?

    I hope that what you are going through is something you grow,l earn from and then move to a point where you are above/beyond it all and it does not bother you.

    I really do hope so. Mommy Blogger rivalry can get pretty "rough" but I think there is the same rivalry with other bloggers and the area they are in.

    This too shall pass ..... this too shall pass.