Monday, November 12, 2012

Friends and Motherhood

One thing that's changed the most since having a child is my social life and my circle or friends. I know it comes with the territory and before I had a kid I was one of those people who ran from woman with children, who turned my nose to mothers.

I've lost a lot of friends and I'm not even bothered by it, its not the reason to my post.

I'm here to say how much I love and appreciate others mothers and how they have impacted my life and how we share a bond that childless woman don't understand.

I know I can write on this blog about how many times my kid craps a day and there will be a ton of woman reading it and understanding exactly what I'm saying.

I can go over to Twitter at any hour of the day and interact with another mother who is going through exactly what I'm going through and even if we not at the same point in raising our children there is always a kind word and a shoulder to cry on.

Weekends are hard, its more or less 48 hours with my child and being a single mom, its a solid 48 hours unless I somehow sneak off for a 5 minute smoke break. I try keep us busy and nothing is worse than being stuck at home.

It can be suffocating and sometimes I think. What now? He's moaning, he's bored, everyone around me is getting irritated because A is naggy and instantly I know where I can go, I know where I can go and feel at home, I know I can go to a place where the sound of kids crying and moaning is so normal that its part of the background music, I know I can go and not worry about toys been thrown around the room and I know they'll have some sort of mashed food and I know there I don't feel like a mother, I'm just me and A is just A.

I have a best friend, a best friend that is a mother too and in that there is no judgement, only care. I can share my childrens milestones without bored eyes looking at me, I can talk about shitty nappies but also I can talk about anything else coz only mothers understand that we not just mothers we still those woman with dreams and hopes and secrets.

Motherhood has shown me what real friends are.