Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I wish I had all the answers

You would think the universe or God would share out hardships, pain and grievousnesses. That everybody gets a certain dose.

I kind of thought that things can't possibly go any more wrong, that things couldn't get worse. I thought I was on my way to starting my future and then that to all collapses.

Which in result means I am starting all over again.

Let me tell you what I have, a son. The best miracle life has to offer and that's all I have.

Today, I am officially unemployed with no maintenance coming in.

I don't have a car or a licence for that matter.

I have lost most of my friends.

I live in my parents house, which isn't quite working out any more.

I am suffering with PND or maybe I'm just your normal depressed because of the result of how crap my life really is.

I have no idea where I am going or how to get anywhere.


  1. Oh Jess! Just try and remember that tough times never last but tough people do.


  2. You are so strong.... and such an inspiration. The trials and challenges you have faced have built endurance and this endurance has build your strength of character and made you so much wiser than you would ever have been if you hadnt gone through it.

  3. So sorry. Sending hugs. I hope you can find your feet and start taking one step at a time - forward. As long as you aren't standing still or moving backwards you will get through it. And perhaps you need to get some Meds to help out. It goes a long way to helping you pick up the pieces.

  4. Just hold onto your precious son. Great things are to come. You are a fabulous, honest, loving person. It will work out.

  5. You are not the only. We all have problems in different forms. Never let go of hope. I am a single mom living with my parents as well.But i try to look at the positive side. Plus it's a blessing in disguise to have parents in your child's life. I know its not easy living with them...there are alot of differences but think of it this way... our parents wont be in this world forever. This is the time we have to spend with them. Life is too short.... lets not waste it. Lots of prayers heading your way....