Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Other Side

Life is full of challenges, it has it's ups and downs, and maybe my down as been going on for a while and at every corner it seems to go down some more but honestly I still have a life some people dream of. I am truly blessed in a lot of ways and I find it sad that in order for us to realise how lucky we are we have to wait to see how people on the other side live.

Last week I went on a trip with my cell group into town.

I wasn't really scared to go into town, some people are but I was scared to come face to face with what I already know. There are people out there who are suffering while we live in our cosy homes and have a cooked meal on the table every night.

We went with a church that runs certain programmes in town and we did three stops around the New Town area and helped feed the homeless.

There meal: A cup of soup and 4 slices of bread.

We arrive at the first stop to a long line of men, waiting patiently for this meal. They know it's coming, they there before we arrive and they have no problem standing there and accepting food from complete strangers.

We went to three stops that night.

Hundreds of people waiting for this meal that I would normally turn my nose too.

They sleep on the streets because it costs R10 to sleep in a shelter and they just can't afford it.

They are kind.

They are hopeful.

They have faith like you've never experienced.

They haven't given up and are still trying to finds jobs and a future for themselves and there families.

My reality is there dream come true.


  1. Jess I'm sitting at my desk all choked up now.

    I would love to do something like this. I can imagine what an eye opener it is especially when you are feeling a bit ungrateful?

  2. I think this pulls at the heart strings so much more when you're exposed to it!