Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mommy Milestones

Being a mom is hard.

Especially when you weren't born with the "mommy" gene.

I truly believe some woman are just born mothers, I however was not.

I'm one of those woman who have to adapt and learn as I go along and I have realised how many "mommy" traits I am picking up.

Skills I have acquired

(Okay most of these all fit into one skill but I'm running with it as separate triumphs so I can feel better about myself)

  1. I can now straighten my hair, rock baby in chair and catch up on my tv programmes all at once.
  2. I can put make-up on and rock baby in chair.
  3. I can put make-up on with one hand.
  4. I have learnt to pee while holding a baby.
  5. I can hold a baby and make a bottle with my left hand.
  6. I can pick up baby bag, handbag, bottle, dummy in mouth, blanket over should, pick up baby, get car keys and remote and get baby into car seat all in one swoop of the house.
  7. I can spit on a tissue and wipe my sons cheek.
  8. I can sleep through a baby's cry.
  9. I can feed my baby while I bbm, tweet and facebook.
  10. I have been perfectly comfortable leaving the house in track pants, no make up and a birds nest on top of my head.
  11. I learnt to cry for no reason what so ever.
  12. I know all the kiddie friendly restaurants and which ones I can fit my pram into.
  13. I can eat my supper cold and drink cold tea.
  14. I have found myself playing peek-a-boo.
  15. I now love grocery shopping because I get to leave baby at home.
And yes all of those are SKILLS!


  1. Welcome to the mommy club Jess! These made me laugh and nod my head in agreement :)

  2. Uber skills! But can be rather difficult some days - especially when hubby goes as slow as a donkey with cuffs.