Friday, February 24, 2012

The Love for You're Child

I don't think can you can really explain the love you have for you're child to people who don't have children. I certainly didn't even come close to understanding before I had Aiden. It grows more and more everyday and I fall in love with him every morning when I wake up and look at his perfect face.

Yesterday we did a round about of doctors and hospitals. It was awful. Aiden cried. I cried. Surprisingly my mom didn't cry, I say surprisingly because she sobbed at Aiden's vaccinations.

He has this bump above his eye, I thought it was just a mosquito bite but 3 weeks later and it is still there and it feels like he's growing a little alien under his skin.

We went to my GP, why a GP, because pediatricians are so damn expensive and they all want like R750 upfront instead of claiming it from my medical aid. GP sends us off for x-rays now the last time we went for x-rays Aiden was 6 weeks and had bronchitis and it wasn't too bad, he moaned but didn't really cry.

This however was different. He screamed, he cried like he was heart broken, it broke my heart because I knew I had no choice but to put him through this. My mother had to hold his head in all different directions while I held his body down.

It moments like this that you realise you would die instantly to save you're child from any kind of pain or heart ache.

Aiden has a cyst hiding under his skin, it's not harmful, benign they call it but might never go away. If it gets bigger they will have to give him surgery, they'll put him under and cut it out, I don't think I could quite handle that one but he is way too young so they just leaving it for now.

The x-rays we got are really cool though, perfect shots of his little skull. Going to frame those ones. 

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  1. Shame honey! I had to take Luca for x-rays last year and I couldn't even be in the room with him because I was pregnant! It was horrible ... I had to go FAR away from the room to block out the sound of his screams. I felt like the worst mother in the world :( xxx