Wednesday, November 2, 2011

False Labour and all that Jazz

So it's 12 days to my C-section on the 14th of November. With an array of emotions running through me and a lot of time to sit and think about everything continuously, 12 days is actually a long time. In actual fact it might only be 7 days, I have to go in on the 9th and then he might to decide to take him out the very next day!

That concept freaks me out some what, way not enough time to prepare myself for the whole ordeal.

I am actually not really ready for a baby.

I realised this yesterday when we thought I was going into labour.

My sisters timing of contractions

The first flesh ripping pain came when I was making tea and ended up on the floor from whatever Aiden was trying to pull off.

This was followed by a few more pain wrenching moments, that my sister was trying to time, while freaking out. She came to all my ante-natal classes and wanted to be my birthing partner, she had learned all the breathing techniques and calming methods. All of which flew right out the window, she frantically called my mom who was upstairs on her phone every time a pain came and kept repeating, "We not ready for this, oh my, I'm not ready for this."

This making me laugh hysterically, partly because it was funny and partly because she was 100% right. Everything that was running through my head that still needed to be done, like my room looking like a bomb hit it because we haven't prepared it for the arrival. My hospital bag that's still not packed and the fact that I still don't have pads because I end up just staring at them because I have no idea what I need to get because I haven't used a pad since I was 13.

Then everyone saying, does it fell like a period pain... I don't know I haven't had a period in 9 months, and I never suffered from period pains to begin with plus last year I didn't even have a cycle for like 10 months. So can someone please describe this pain in some other way.

I was feeling like someone was stabbing me in vantoosh and kindly slicing open my lower abdomen with forgetting to give me my spinal.

I had my mom trying to pack me a hospital bag while my sister is taking notes on times and descriptions of my pains, us trying to find labour descriptions in the numerous baby books I have lying around and trying to figure out what the hell is a "Bloody show" knowing I don't have that but would really like to know what to expect when it does make a performance.

Eventually deciding to just go to bed, if I am in labour I am sure I will figure it out soon enough.


  1. What are you going to call your blog when Aiden arrives?

  2. Hectic, chick! I don't think it's supposed to be that painful. (I was induced, so I'm not really sure). But for me the pain - at least at the start - was not sharp like that. Period pain is an achy type of pain in your lower back, almost bum, on the back side not the tummy side. It's not sharp, it's sort of "dull" and spread out over an area, as if you've been walking the whole day in high heels.

    I bloody show is kinda like a blob of thick mucous maybe tinged with a bit of blood... it's the mucous plug in your cervix coming out. But it doesn't always come, so just because you haven't seen it doesn't mean you're not in labour.

    Call sister Carin, or rather get to the hospital asap for a check though, because really bad sharp pains at this stage are not something to be taken lightly, and anything can go wrong still.

    Also, send your mom or your sister to the upstairs pharmacy at the Clinton and buy their hospital bag - there are gigantic pads in there that, while horrendous and scary, are actually really what you need. Dr white's, I think they're called. There are disposable panties there too. Best. Idea. Ever. (seriously you are not going to want to take home and wash the panties you wear for the days after the birth)

    Thinking of you, but please get yourself checked out soon!

  3. Go to the doc Jessie, sharp pains are not a good sign. Period pains are like really bad stomach cramps but further down, but your back also aches. Good thing is... the baby is by far not going to just pop out, so if it happens again get to somewhere comfortable and chill for 20 minutes while you time them properly. If all else fails and you haven't got the pads - don't worry, newborn nappies actually work better, just use them as pads. Definitely get disposable panties. I can't believe you haven't packed your bag yet! You'll panic far less if everything is ready, so get ready, don't put it off anymore, you are way too close. Love you honey, good luck. x