Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Full Story

I have been out of touch for the last 2 weeks, it hasn't been an easy and slow ride into motherhood and the last 2 weeks have had many ups and downs but all that later. This is about how the love of my life entered the world and how could I expect anything other than a surprise show up and a little bit of both worlds when it came to labour.

I had had so many scares in the weeks before and I always thought this was it and when it finally was it, I actually wasn't so sure. I never expected it on that day, really I was getting ready to see the doc the next day to find out whether he was coming out the 10th or 14th and was quite set on the 14th as still didn't have anything prepared and my toiletries were still not in my hospital bag.

We were just fetching a camper cot from my friend (see not completely prepared) and in the car I had this sharp pain, I pushed it off as another one of the scares I had in the last few weeks. I wasn't feeling great when I got home so went to lay in bed, got up a while later to get something to drink and in the kitchen had another sharp pain making me fall to the ground. My sister helping me back to the room my mom decided to phone the doctor, he said I must rather go to the hospital and get checked coz if I am in labour and I get to far I will be pushing the baby out.

So off to the hospital we go, not really thinking I could actually be having this baby I get checked out and the next thing I hear is "You a centimetre dilated", "WHAT?" I start freaking out, next thing I know the nurse is telling me I'm having a C-section at 19.30, that was in 45minutes time, D lives 45minutes away, I was not ready for a baby in 45minutes.

Unfortuantly they don't care if you ready or not, how much you crying or shaking, they begin to prep me, drip, shave, cutex off and start wheeling me off to theatre.

I was totally freaking out about D not getting there on time and so scared about the damn needle that was about to go into my spine I couldn't even think about the joy that was about to enter my life.

D literally made it just in time and was taken to get changed while I got the spinal, nothing to be scared of there, it hurt less than getting my blood taken and the effects started taking place, weirdest and best feeling ever I tell you.

I could feel them tugging and pulling and D in the my ear saying, "Gees", not really the response you want when they performing major surgery on you.

Next thing you know, Aiden is out and there's silence, no cry, not a peep, my heart stopped and then there it was his cry. They put him next to me and nothing else mattered and since then nothing else has mattered.

I met the love of my life. No pain, no person, no drama, no past and no uncertain future could or can take that feeling away.


  1. I've been waiting in anticipation for this birth story Jess! Big Congratulations on the birth of your gorgeous little boy. I'm so very happy for you :)

  2. The second photo is so special, love the light on little Aiden. Dramatic and angelic! Congratulations on a gorgeous little boy.

  3. Love this post - you're a talented writer! I can relate to your experience beacuse I also had a c-section. And they say no pain no gain?! Screw that. Keep blogging! :)