Tuesday, May 10, 2011

20 Questions

I still have another 2 weeks before I get to go see the one man I really only want to see at the moment - my OBGYN. As I have never been through this before and pregnancy has always freaked the shit out of me and my mom just says "I got fat and had baby's" so she's not much help. So my list of questions keeps growing but I'm finding it really hard to wait so long. SO if any of you know if what I'm going through with any of these please let me know and maybe my stress levels will go down.

1. Itchy skin, not just my belly, my entire body - ITCHES. I think I might loose my mind from this itch. (what will take this away)
2. Along with the itch, I have little red bumps all over my tummy, boobs and back - these ITCH worse than the rest of my body.
3. Raw belly button, I'm not joking, it's very ITCHY, and is now going raw on the inside so it burns on top of itching. It's red, raw, dry, peeling, itching and burning. I know a lot of things for such a small body part.
4. Old Belly ring scar, ITCHES like a ............................. (fill in the blank) I'm actually worried the scar tissue is going to pop out of the skin one of these days.
5. My hair is falling out, in chunks!!!!
6. I keep getting a seriously bad bladder infection - how can I prevent this?
7. My skin is now an infestation of disgusting volcanic mountains? ( need a cheap remedy coz I don't know if I can keep buying the products I just spent a grand on)
8. The feeling of exploding and bleeding nipples along with the ITCH, there must be a way to sooth them, there just must be.
9. When will i get my appetite back.... I miss FOOD?
10. I'm drinking strawberry milk by the jug... it's not that bad for my baby right?
11. When does this magical energy boost happen, I can still sleep all day?
12. Are pre-natal classes important, I never imagined going with a man never mind alone?
13. My once perfect memory has disappeared, will I get it back, I forget things mid conversation?
14. I've been told not to lift my arms above my head, this sounds like a load of hog wash to me?
15. Are you sure there not 2 in there, coz this belly is growing quickly????
16. Wearing a seat belt feels more dangerous for my baby?
17. Even my EYES ITCH?
18. Is using tissue oil safe?
19. I can't stop sleeping on my tummy, some say this is bad I say it's comfortable?
20. Please tell me if it's a BOY or girl????

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  1. Hi hun, I've been enjoying your blog the past few weeks!

    I'm pregnant with my second (I'm 28) and having a breeze. Am as far as you, 12 weeks tomorrow. First pregnancy was AWFUL. I'll try and have a go at some of your questions:
    1. BIO-OIL
    2. Have checked out
    5. Normal. Sad, but true
    6. Cranberry juice and lots of water
    7. Long hair over face??? Not much that will help. My skin was HORRIBLE last time (they say girls do this :-) )
    9. Be glad!I eat like an animal.
    10. Some women live in Marie-Biscuits and have perfectly healthy babies, don't worry.
    11. Hmmm... What?
    12. It's nice to go. But decide how you want to birth and then try and attend classes like that. Hypnobirthing will be mine this time.
    13. What was the question?
    14. Hogwash
    16. You get a special preggy seatbelt at http://www.4akid.co.za
    17. Know the feeling!
    19. One of these days you won't be able to anyway. It's better on your side for bloodflow.
    20. I also want to know!

    Come pop in at my site. There's lots of preggy ladies who will ADORE you. http://www.moomie.co.za