Tuesday, May 3, 2011

She'll be coming round the mountain....here she comes!

I've never been on an actual roller coaster, the things terrify me but right now all i really want to do is go get on the scariest, fastest and deadliest roller coaster I can find and then maybe my life will feel some what stable. As at the moment it's up and down and left and right every couple of hours.

My latest update on how beautiful pregnancy is, is at first I thought the best part about it was the fact that I was finally getting that boob job I always wanted to get, they grew a whole cup-size in the first month and haven't stopped growing since. Well just like everything else, I was wrong, dead wrong, the pain is unbearable, the itch is indescribable and I just don't think I could handle them getting any bigger because along with my jeans no longer closing, my bra's don't fit either and I'm oozing out of all my tops so much my own family can't help but gawk at them. The unbearable pain I was talking about, isn't any where near an overstatement it's actually an understatement, they feel like they are going to explode, the other night I woke up and actually had to put on the light to check if they were bleeding. The itch is located on the god damn nipples, it gets so bad I actually have to leave the room just to try get the itch away, which is impossible. I miss my small, door knob boobs so much and will never be ungrateful for them ever again if they just come back to me.

As for the names I had chosen, my next plan of action is not to ask my family or the man's family or the man because that whole list has basically disappeared, Bryton is apparently not only a beach in London but a beach on the Bluff in Durban (drug and whore haven), Tyler is a girls name (apparently), James is over used and The Man doesn't like it even though it is his second name and Connor the one I really, really liked, The Man said what like the Vodacom ad "Ah Kona" (or however you spell it) this broke my heart coz I worked so damn hard on that list. As for the surname thing, it's already an issue now, I can only imagine how bad it's going to get closer to the time.

As for The Man, aka, Darell, he calls yesterday morning at 8am to find out what I'm doing.... sleeping dumbass, oh but he's going to be at my house in 10 min. What man does this, I haven't seen him in 3 weeks, the last conversation I had was an argument and I sit up in bed and look in the mirror and realise I look like absolute shit and if I don't get my ass moving in high gear, instead of him feeling like he made a mistake he'll be thanking the Gods he left my ugly ass. ( However I did make sure my boobs were oozing now)

As for Peanut, I'm really hoping at my next scan they'll be able to tell if it is a BOY or girl, I really want a boy, I think in the long run they might be easier as they less emotional and they can't come home pregnant but then again if he's anything like he's father, he'll be extremely full of shit and I'll be a grandmother before I'm 40 but I can admit as my belly grows more and more each day, I do get a little more excited and for a split second forget about how complicated the rest of my life is going to be.

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