Thursday, March 22, 2012

Going to find this


I saw this ad on TV the other day, it's Tresemme' Dry Shampoo collection. 

I am a bit crazy when it comes to leaving the house looking bad. I never go out without make up on, my outfit has to be stylish and once upon a time my hair was always styled to perfection. Those days went out the window when I had Aiden and if my hair looks good once a week it's a major thing.

If I style my hair, it only lasts 2 evenings max and then I have to wash and redo it all over again, it has become to much of a mission and so the ponytail do is my thing at the moment.

So this product is supposed to be a Dry Shampoo in between your normal shampoo's. High Five to whoever came up with this amazing concept, I haven't tried it yet but will be looking for it this weekend and once I have tried and tested it I will let you all know if it's the miracle we have all been hoping for.

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  1. I need it! I went to Serendipity yesterday without washing my hair (um, or even showering ... shh!) and because my dry shampoo was finished, I rubbed BABY POWDER in my hair. Not a good idea. I looked like a twit!