Monday, March 12, 2012

Empty Picture Frames

I watched 'The Swith' this weekend, it's another one of Jennifer Anistons feel good, rom coms, the basics of the story is a single woman decides to have a baby through a sperm donor and it gets switched and years later it comes out the father is her best friend.

This little boy is eccentric to say the least and he collects picture frames, but doesn't put pictures inside the frames he keeps the picture that you buy with the frame inside them. He has hundreds all around his room and nobody ever thinks of asking him why. So everybody thinks this little boy is just strange collecting empty picture frames.

Until one day somebody asks why he collects these frames.

Every frame and the picture in it has a story. The people in the picture that come with the frame is a person with a history and a personality. They are all his father and his family, his grandfather, his fathers brothers and sisters, when they went fishing and to the zoo. They all have jobs and quirks.

He built his history of his father he doesn't know.

I have a feeling Aiden might collect empty photo frames one day.


  1. Jes, this is such a sad post. I have no idea what happened. Wasn't Aiden's dad really involved when he was born? Did I miss a post?

  2. You didn't miss a post, I am just trying not to blog about Aiden's father, firstly because I will destroy him with my anger and because for legal reasons it's safer not to. But I get no maintenance, Aiden is lucky if he comes over an hour a week and he just argues with me the whole time he's here.