Monday, March 26, 2012

Running a Marathon

If you know me you will know my athletic ability is below zero. Anything containing a bat, a ball or balance is a no go zone in my life. I hated PT so much my mom used to let me skip those days of school or I would always be the student with a sick note.

It's not laziness as some people quite quickly tell me, I am just absolutely, terrible at it. 

I am however determined to get my body back that pregnancy stole from me and maybe even have a better one.

So I have committed myself to the Soweto Run 10km in November, I say committed as official sign up is not ready yet but I have joined a whole lot of awesome ladies from twitter and the blog world to doing it. I have dragged my mother and sister a long for the ride.

Hopefully I am not one of those people who look spastic when they run.


  1. That's fantastic Jess!
    Just BTW I think you look awesome especially considering Aidyn is only a few months old :)

  2. So happy that you're doing it too Jess! I just did a 45 minute boxing class at my work gym and I feel like I'm going to DIE!