Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Making a list and checking it Twice

So last year I made this list of 23 things I want to do before I am 24, I am 24 on Saturday and I already know I have failed at most of these and I haven't even read through them yet. So here it goes to openly telling you which ones I accomplished, which ones I tried and which ones I completely and miserably failed.

23 Things to do before I'm 24...
  1. Get a drivers licence - I tried 3 times last year
  2. Finish (start) baby's room - Booya Accomplished and it is AMAZING!
  3. Start up Baby and maternity label - I can say I have researched but this year it's a must
  4. Do not become a smoker again - Hahahahahahahaha HA
  5. Loose baby weight - What I was thinking here I don't know, I am about 5kg's down but FAIL
  6. Finish atleast one book I've started this year - I finished 5
  7. Unpack my boxes from Cape Town - Halfway there
  8. Recycle my wardrobe - I can't even remember what I meant here, I did give away some stuff
  9. Sew up summer dresses and sell them - I am busy making my sewing room
  10. Learn Photoshop - Slowly but surely
  11. Get a new Christmas tree - It was beautiful
  12. Organise my baby shower - That was an awesome party
  13. Finish putting up photos and frames - Moved rooms but getting there, this I might get done.
  14. Survive child birth - Had a Caesar got a Liver infection from op but I am alive and kicking.
  15. Get involved in a charity - Stayed in a township and am involved in a soup kitchen in town
  16. Find a good nursery school/ Nanny - Got a nanny, not over joyed by her progress
  17. Go on holiday to Cape Town - Loved it, going again this year.
  18. Choose a surname for my Peanut - Aiden Mckay Smith but he goes by Aiden Mckay
  19. Make a baby blanket - FAIL
  20. Learn more about type-setting and Graphic design - I am starting a company
  21. Enroll for a Marketing course - Researched, need to register
  22. Look into seeing a shrink - Saw one, need to keep going I think.
  23. Catch up with friends (long list) - For the most part
24. Party the night away - I was planning on this big night, my actual birthday I will be on a Youth camp and last Saturday I had a braai with my closest friends and I don't feel I missed out on anything, It was perfect.

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