Friday, June 1, 2012

Aiden's First Day at school

Very tired mommy and my monster child

Aidens morning face
I just dropped Aiden off at crèche. 
I cried like a baby. 
He didn't. 
I wanted to take him right back home.
He's going to realise what I've done at some point. 
They told me I have to try not lie next to him when I put him to sleep because they are about to do sleep training on him, so I know he's going to cry.
I don't have the car so I can only fetch him at 3pm.  


  1. Oh Hugs! I remember the first day dropping Dudie off. He was 9months at the time. He was fine but I wasn't. I got to work and just sat at my desk crying. My boss told me to go fetch him at 12. I couldn't believe how well my child was doing whilst I was having my meltdown.

    Hang in there. Dudie is 2.5yrs now and he loves his school.

  2. Thanks, I feel terrible, trying to keep busy so I don't spend the whole day crying and also get some work done as this is the whole point of it but my mind is else where!

    Oh and I seriously have no idea what to do with 15kgs of sausage, haha, enjoy

  3. Aaah Honey! It's tough! I remember going back to work and leaving Ava with her nanny, I cried the entire day. And then when she started school I was a wreck.

    Just get clarity from the school about the sleep training because it comes in various forms and rarely involves Cry It Out, so in all likelihood they're probably doing a very gentle form of training with him which will benefit you both in the long run.