Monday, June 18, 2012

Fathers Day minus One

I dreaded the day all of last week, I watched as blogs around me anticipated it, prepared for it and had many competitions for it. I never thought Fathers Day could actually make me feel ill with anxiety and I'm not quite sure why it did and I know it probably will for years to come.

I woke up crying and angry, I looked at my beautiful sons face and couldn't understand how someone couldn't want to be there to watch his smile every morning, I couldn't understand how someone wouldn't sacrifice every luxury in order to provide for his needs and I couldn't understand how he could show up for 1 hour on Fathers Day with a tin of formula and ear buds and think he deserves an award for being an amazing father.

It doesn't matter though, we had a good day, filled with smiles and laughter, family and good food. Aiden and I don't have a daddy in our family but we are surrounded by a whole lot of inspirational people that we love and adore.

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  1. Honey, any man can father a child but it takes a REAL MAN to be a DAD. As far as I'm concerned YOU are the MO-DAD. I sent out a Happy Fathers Day message on FB yesterday to ALL my single Mom friends. Because I TRULY believe that it takes a ROCK star to be both Mom AND Dad. Which is what you are at the moment. You are AMAZING and you are doing soooo well. I will pray for strength for you and I will pray that Aiden will ALWAYS have THE BEST male role models in his life. Hang in there.xoxo