Monday, June 18, 2012

Pampers Premium Care Winners

Monday mornings are awful on the best of days so here's a little sunshine for five lucky ladies. 
The comments that were picked by a random selector are:

i definately need these :) with baby 3 on the way. Kid one still on nappies at night and kid 2 still full time. definately want as much help as i can get :)

thanks pampers

Awesome! Mika only wears Pampers Premium! Tweeted, Facebooked, liked the page etc :) x

Candice Lloyd

This would be great as a starter for our little bundle of joy on the way. :-)

-  Leanne Easton

I want, I need, I want

Elize & Francois

We only use Pampers! it's the only nappies that works on our 2 children and would recommend it for everyone to use. It's really the BEST nappies!!!! WE LOVE Pampers!!!! :-)

Congrats Ladies!!!
Please email me,, your Full name, contact number, address and nappy size so I can send you your hampers. 
Nappies will be delivered within 2-3 weeks.