Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I made Top Ten

Mommy blogger  So the list went up and I made it, I actually made the Top Ten List of best Mommy Bloggers in South Africa. Some mornings I still wake up and think, holy crap I am a mother, I'm far from conventional and I make mistakes at motherhood everyday and that's what I tend to put up here. I'm probably the mother everyone reads just to feel better about themselves.

Honestly, the list is filled with the most amazing woman and all been blogging since way back when, I have followed them since I fell pregnant and seriously I probably don't stand a chance at winning and I am just honoured to be mentioned with them.

But if you do love my blog and you do want to try give me a fighting chance, go give me a vote at Kidzworld here - Mommy Blogger Finalists

Also go over and check out all the other awesome blogs who made it.


  1. Congratulations Jessie! And all the very best! And I agree, just being nominated and getting the cool I'm a finalist badge was win enough for me too!

  2. Jess include the link so I can go vote!