Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Beginnings and New Outlooks

Things seem to change so quickly around here, and my emotions are normally a happy combination of 'who the fark knows' and I really can change my entire mind in a matter of seconds. The last few months have been tough and I have been angry and sad and happy and confused and basically I had no idea what I was doing any more and what I wanted.

I had to stop fighting, I had to stop being so angry, and I had to forgive.

I always wanted Aiden to have both his parents in his life, I also new how much it might hurt at times to have that but it's not about me and it's not about D, it's about our son and watching him smile and grow his relationship with his father is a blessing lots of mothers and children don't get to experience.

For now things are going smoothly and I am enjoying the moment.


  1. Love the new site and your new outlook! Go you!!!!

  2. Awesome Jess! You're rocking it! X

  3. Cheers to new beginnings, forgiveness and moving on :)

    Well done, you are definately an inspiration for when life is not so happy.

  4. Love it and well done for moving on, here's to bigger and better things coming your way xxx