Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Help me Help my mom

I got this email yesterday and that was the subject, "Help me Help my mom"

Here is a son trying to save his single mom. It broke my heart and also gave me hope that there are some amazing men left in this world and I truly hope to raise my son with the same love and compassion as clear as in this truly strong and loving family.

I have always found it so sad and so confusing how we live in a country where medical needs are based on how much money you have and how a doctor will sooner let you die if you don't have a medical aid or able to pay fees upfront.

Here is their story, I understand times are tough and if you can't donate, help spread the story or keep Heidi in your prayers tonight.

The aim of HOPE FOR HEIDI is to do exactly that - Give hope to a woman that has been put through hell through the negligence of certain medical professionals and various Hospitals/Clinics.

Heidi has one kidney.

What makes this story different from all the others?

Heidi lost a kidney in her early childhood,but it was never detected.After a medical professional detected kidney stones later in 2006,Heidi being a strong woman,took it as something to overcome as a part of her daily life,but then they saw the severity of the kidney issue,yet nothing was done.Nobody informed her of what needed to be done.

At this stage she had 98% functionality left on the remaining kidney.
It was clear the dead kidney needed to be removed or it will cause issues and damage the remaining kidney.Still nothing was done due to negligence and lack of communication.As the years progressed this caused inexplicable pain and health issues.

The dead kidney was only removed in 2010 with certain Dr.'s still questioning the validity of the case and the existence of the issues. 

After all of this the Dr.'s made no attempts to save the remaining kidney.
(Dr.'s refused to remove it even after numerous professionals advised to get it removed.Before it was removed experimental treatment was done to see if it could be revived)
Later on in 2012 a scan was done....10% functionality in the remaining kidney with a bleak outlook.
A creatine count over 700.

Very coldly and bluntly she was told that she is "too old to save" and they refused to do further tests or take blood for tests - the reason the Dr. gave? - "I know the outcome and know the case,no need to do anymore tests"
At this point she was told to "make friends" with someone in the Government or if she had a friend in Government employment to get her on their Medical Aid as it is the only hope she has (that would be FRAUD!)

She was broken..

Medical Professionals are telling her to give up or commit fraud at 49.

This is who Heidi is :
A loving single mother of 3..
A loving grandmother..
A person with unbreakable faith..

Through her constant pain Heidi refuses to sit at home - She is a full time nursery school teacher and works hard for her money. Unfortunately it is not enough for private dialysis or a qualifying and proper medical aid.
And even then she gives to others and shares what she has without hesitation.
This prompted her son to contact the Minister of Health and pushed for a resolution.
After Dr.'s threatening him with legal action if he goes public and calling the allegations hearsay,he went to the local news papers.

After media coverage of the story,only one of the Hospitals involved in this story,offered to help and the Dr.'s that made unprofessional and cold remarks were rebuked for their indiscretions.The other Hospitals refuse to reply to any communication.

FINALLY,Heidi has since received help from the main hospital in question.They are going to be doing tests and WILL put her on the Dialysis list if she needs treatment,AND if she can improve the functionality of her kidney,she might be eligible for a transplant!

So far new tests have shown a drop in her creatine levels and other hopeful signs - and these tests and remarks have been done/made by the same Dr.'s that told her to "get your affairs in order" and "you're too old too save".
She is busy trying to get fit again,as they long periods of rest and healing and hospital stays have left her unfit and in need of exercise

So today Heidi is working hard to prove the Dr.'s wrong.
This campaign is aimed to help her get what she needs to make the process easier and perhaps a little faster.
She is a wonderful human being and if you had to meet her,even with everything she is going through and has gone through,you NEVER see her without a smile on her face.

Son's email to his friends in the music industry:

Hi Everyone.

I have been in the scene for yeeeeeeaaars,as have most of you.Odds are I have jammed with some of you either in my SubRosa days,or with Christian Heath Band,or currently Nova Rise

I have seen the "Please Help" email a million times as well.

This time I'm the poor schmuck sending it out!

But it concerns the most important person in my life,and the woman who put me on this questionable planet - My Mother.

She has been butchered by "Medical Professionals" for the last 7 or 8 years and treated like midtown Joburg sidewalk trash to make things worse.

She has one kidney and it's all due to Dr.'s stuffing up and trying to cover their own asses.

Her one kidney slowly died over a couple of years (she only found out when it was too late) ,and she went through what she calls mild discomfort - when it happened,tough lady - and what Dr.'s say must have been excruciating pain.

She went to a Dr.'s that mistreated her and refused to remove it and it caused issues upon issues.

Long story short, she ended up with one working kidney with less than 12% functionality.
They basically told her she is too old to save and that she needs to make peace and sort out her affairs!

I went to the Minister of health,as I know there are patients well into their 60's receiving help (she is 49!) and made a big stink about the treatment she received and all the life threatening mess ups
their Dr.'s made.

It took ages and I have been threatened with a lot if I take it public,but I did and thank to people like Tihan @ Caxton (Roodepoort Record etc.) I got the story out there and the Hospitals are 
taking a new approach and looking into her case from scratch.

But since then she made debt as she is a Nursery School Teacher who doesn't earn NEARLY enough to have a Proper Medical Aid or recover financially  after being in Hospital for Weeks.
She's a tough and stubborn old broad,but she still has her pride and will never give up.

So my mission is to get her life back,seeing that other morons basically took her of track and almost killed her!

I started an IndieGoGo campaign,and I am trying to raise enough to try and kill some of her debt and save toward possible future procedures and whatever she might need towards her health and well being 
(ps.95% of her ttiiiinnnny salary goes towards debt she made due to all the Hospital crap and procedures and debt  she made to survive day to day after taking leave etc.etc.).

I know every Joe Schmo has his hand out there,but I can only do so much on my own.

It would mean the world to me to give back to this strong tiny little woman that which has been taken away from her over the last couple of years - her livelihood and so much more.

All I ask is for WHOEVER would be so kind,to go post a link to her FB page and/or a link to the IndieGoGo Campaign on their FB Pages or even Tweet about it..

Here are the links to the FB Page and IndieGoGo Campaign:

IndieGoGo -

I am using every resource I have to spread the words,and if it's one thing I know,it's that the musical community rally behind it's own.

I appreciate the time that the one's that actually read it,took to do so,and I thank those who share her story and the Campaign with their own followers,friends and family.

(I typed fast so please ignore all the typo's and other grammatical issues ;) )

Damian Meyer

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  1. Damian, I had the pleasure of being a friend of your mother, I know her as a very strong woman, I also know her love for children. As you know Jacques (now 20) was one of the first babies, (2,5 months old at the time) that Heidi took in and took care of him as one of her own. She is truly a strong woman, her faith is the most amazing, no matter what, she keeps praying. Heidi is truly a example to so many of us with good health that takes it for granted. Our days are consumed with work and rushing through traffic, it takes reading about Heidi again to bring us back to earth with a bang, it has me. Your mom will stay in my prayers, she is truly an amazing mom and woman. Love, Marinetha