Monday, May 20, 2013

Why I am so tired

I constantly get bombarded with "why you so tired" "why are you so grumpy" "why don't you ever go out" why why why why why...

Here's why:

5:30/6:00am Aiden wakes up, put him in bed with the TV on hoping to get an extra 30 minutes sleep
6:10am Aiden wants tea, I get out of my warm bed to make tea
6:20am Aiden is now bored and wants my full attention
- Change nappy
- Put him in today's outfit (This is a war and a game of catch the child)
- Pack school bag
- Get my self dressed and looking vaguely decent
(Doing all this with a whinny, naggy child holding onto my leg)
7:30am Take Aiden to school (This includes getting him out the house and again playing catch the child while he runs around the car laughing his ass off)
8:00am Home from drop off
8:01am Coffee
8:30am - 4:30pm work, work, work and do all necessary chores
4.30pm Go to the shop to buy food for supper
4:45pm Fetch Aiden from school
5pm - 6pm Play with Aiden outside and cook, this is a juggling act between everyone in the house and a game of tag on who gets Aiden.
By 6pm Aiden is in suicide hour mood and I am ready to jump off closest cliff
6pm Feed Aiden supper and myself (This ends in food all over the kitchen, all over me and all over Aiden as well as a game of begging Aiden to at least eat one spoon of food and resulting in me eating cold food or very little food.
6:30pm Bath time, yay, no not yay, Aiden loves to bath, my back does not love bathing Aiden.
6:45pm Dress Aiden (Another round of catch the child but this time a screaming child)
7pm Tea time
7-730pm nicest time as he cuddles and watches TV with us
7:30pm Bed Time (Favourite time of the day)
But no it's not over for me, I get to have a bath and wind down and get into my warm bed for some sleep as I close my eyes, Aiden's eyes open, and they repeatedly open all night resulting in me never having a good night sleep like all you people you want to ask me why I am so tired and then after not sleeping at 5:30am Aiden wakes up again.

And this here is a good day, because it's a work day, on weekends its 48 hours of a child who is currently in the worst phase I have encountered yet  and then you have to include breakfast, lunch, snacks, nap times (he doesnt like those), all day play time and all day temper tantrums..

So now you know, so now you can keep you silly questions to yourself.


  1. bwhahahaha! David asks me this every night when I get into bed and pass out almost immediately.

    It never stops - EVER! EVER!