Monday, May 27, 2013

I have something for you

I love shopping, I especially love shopping for Aiden. Only recently have I found the joy in online shopping and I can say it can quickly turn to a nasty habit but it's so easy and you can find exactly what you looking for with a click of a button.

Baby Group is a online portal that offers exclusive products that aren’t available anywhere else in our country as well as insightful advice and support from the BabyGroup panel of experts. You can also find them on Facebook so give them a like if you have a chance.

This is a sponsered post but I received nothing for it but I did get five R50 vouchers for my readers. I honestly love this site, it's clean and easy to use and the products they have in their shop are wonderful.

Leave a comment and the five lucky readers will be announced on Wednesday 6 June.

Here are some things I would love to get my hands on:

Freddie the Frog Silicone Bib

Sparky the Schnauzer Night Light
Sparky the Schnauzer Night Light
Blossom Bashful Bunny  (Medium)
Blossom Bashful Bunny

Chelino Menthe Siesta Baby Camp Cot
This camper cot is only R795, wish I had seen this before I bought Aiden's one
Amber Teething Necklace
Love this clip on feeding chair

Stack 'n Spray Fountain
Stack & Spray fountain


  1. Love the Stack & Spray fountain, very cute! Just ordered the Schnauzer night light myself off the BabyGroup site so looking forward to trying it out.

  2. Love the Sparky the Schnauzer Night Light, just too adorable.
    I'm considering buying one for my sono.

  3. I really think the clip on feeding tray is a fantastic idea :)Makes family meals so mush easier

  4. Love love the stack and spray fountain! how cute! my little Eli will probably love it!
    :)must get one!

  5. Amber teething necklaces WORK! My twins have them. After the first two teeth I tried it on my daughter, what a different child! Now I don't even know when she's cutting a tooth. Then tried it on my son after he was taking strain, popped out 4 teeth in a week! Since having the necklace on he's alot more happier and his gums aren't so red and swollen!!! Miracle stuff for sure

  6. ...I would love to get my hands on that Amber teething necklace... My babygirl is almost 6month old and everything she gets her hands on goes straight to her mouth...When she's in her walker she often makes a turn at the wooden coffee table and just stands there biting down on the sides of the table...It probably soothes her gums better than her teething rings...Cause its always a struggle to get her to stop...

  7. Thats nice. The only thing outstanding for my baby's arrival on July 7th is a camp cot... I have looked around and for R795 its sure beats the rest

  8. I have the most insanely suspicious parents n in-laws in the universe. They always wanna tell me wats right n wats wrong for my little princess, but I had to put my foot down wen I bought the Amber teething necklace because it's one of the most amazing things Ive heard mothers swear by. Thanx for bringing these luxuries within reach for us mothers "under serveillance"

  9. Zoe needs a new night light, would love to win a R50 voucher so I could get her a new one.

    The one she is using now is a musical night light and she has had it since I brought her home from the hospital. It's so old now that the light is so dim and the music sounds like the battery is constantly flat. I think it's time for a new one, so please pick me Jess :)

  10. Great new site, I would like the Stack & Spray fountain for my little girl :)

  11. I just love the Stack & Spray Fountain!!! Awesome for my little 2 year old guy :)