Monday, June 27, 2011

AGAIN....I can't believe it!!!

I just got another award!!! I can't actually believe it, I didn't really expect so many people to read my blog and keep coming back for more. I'm truly honoured. Thank-you to Tan 32.

1.) Winners- Put the above image in your blog.
2.) Include a link back to the person who gave it to you.
3.) Tell 10 things about yourself
4.) Award 15 other bloggers
5.)Contact the bloggers you awarded and let them know they won

10 Things about me
  1. I'm really stubborn and opinionated
  2. I love to read
  3. My sister is my best friend
  4. I'm a natural blonde
  5. I watch every crime show on tv - from Law & Order to CSI to NCIS
  6. I make the best coffee but terrible tea
  7. I have a soft spot for bad boys
  8. I make decisions even when I know they the wrong ones just because it sounds like more fun
  9. I am tone deaf
  10. I'm scared of the dark
Award 15 Bloggers

This is hard as I don't read that many blogs, I love the blogs I read and I'm a dedicated fan to those and they get me through most days, so here's to all those I love - again!


  1. Oh wow! thanks for nominating me :) I love getting awards from people I didnt know where reading Harassed Mom :)

  2. Honey I only just saw this! So special! Am I highlighted? It's cause I'm special hey? Aaaah I really needed this today xxx