Tuesday, July 19, 2011

If you love me

I finally bought my first pregnancy magazine and read a few articles, I find them terribly boring but thought maybe now is good time seeing as I'm growing over night and really struggling with pregnancy. Being a fashion designer and loving clothes and i love looking good, this belly is really getting in the way of that. I've also realised maternity wear is overall awful and I think it's designed by either woman who have never been pregnant or men for that matter.

It's like they think if you pregnant you must be a old fashioned, old, mom type who loves tent sized, bland coloured and all together hideous outfits. I refuse to buy those elastic waisted pants, I just refuse. So I am living in tights and long tops and my dresses that still fit. This is not going to last long though and I am struggling to find things I can wear. Another problem is they seem to design like you one size through out your pregnancy and that is huge with an enormous belly, instead of designing for each trimester. Don't worry though the Miss Preggy clothing line will be launched next year some time because it's just ridiculous and it will be affordable as nice pregnancy clothes cost an arm and a leg for something you not going to use forever.

Until then though, if you love me I found this sight Me a mama, it's not exactly what I want and some of it is a bit matronly but they have basics that you can wear through out your pregnancy. They have cute dresses and few long tops that stretch with you as you grow. I want. I want. I want.

Swing Dress R499


Summer Wrap Dress R499



  1. That is one aspect of pregnancy I don't miss ~ the wardrobe shopping!

    I'm in agreement with you, I think all the maternity designers must think once you get knocked up your dress sense fly's out the window too.

    Looking forward to seeing your range :) I think it's going to do so well.

  2. Check out Mr Prices Baby on Board stuff - its pretty cool :)

    I had 3 pants and about as many tops that I wore all the time.

    My PnP Hyper also had some nice tops that were suitable for my big belly :)

    But I have never felt attractive pregnant!