Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mommy's never stop

I've always thought my mom was amazing and I count her as one of my best friends. Now having my own baby though I look at her in a whole knew light and watch at how she does things and think about why she does things. I've always been amazed at how much energy she has and the fact that she never stops going, how she can't sit through a movie with out sorting something or getting up to do something.

I never realised why she is like this, it's because she has no choice, she's been raising 3 crazy children for 26 years and I think she has become programmed into not stopping and even when we don't need something she thinks we do or about to so she is constantly prepared to stop what she is doing or enjoying to serve our every need.

I take my hat off to her actually if I had a hundred hats that still wouldn't be enough to acknowledge what she does just as a mother, never mind she has always had a full time job, is a wife to a very demanding man and has a very big family of crazy brothers and sisters and then there's her over baring parents that she now looks after as they live in the cottage in our back yard.

I'm really shocked that she isn't an alcoholic, drug addict or just plain mad and she made 26 years without any anti-depressants, only now after all this time does she actually need them. I'm really hoping after learning all this I have a child that is nothing like any 3 of us Mckay children, I'm praying for a non-rebellious angel that is happy with what I have to offer because I don't have my mom's patience, selflessness or compassion. She has done all this with a smile and a hug and rarely complained about her terrible children.

Last night after a long day at work, then grocery shopping and trying to get a woolies meal warmed up, which is cooking no matter what anybody says. She had to help my sister create an art sculpture over night because we are a family of procrastinators and it was due for this morning. She did it without complaining or saying my sister should of started this yonks ago, yes with a lot of curse words but also a lot of laughs, not because she wanted to, I doubt she ever does but because she is our mom and she loves us.


  1. You have an amazing way of writing things down, things that are so true to how I feel in my life as well. I only hope I will turn out to be as great a mom as mine is.

  2. Thank you so much...your words mean so much to me xxx

  3. I think I'll cry now. Miss Preggy, your words are beautiful and speak volumes, hits home, really.

    I was privileged enough to read it because my youngest daughter posted me a link in my chat window in FB; apparently several days ago.

    She's a good kid, I'm proud of her as I'm sure your mother is of you. Thanks again for the post, and thanks Mogran for the link.