Monday, July 18, 2011

Making a list and checking it twice

My mom is a HUGE believer in lists, she is constantly making them and loosing them and making them and never using them and then making some more. I on the other hand, don't see the point in them, there's to much guilt in not finishing them. However, seeing as I never know whether I'm coming or going and I think Harassed Mom has a great idea on her blog today, maybe it will help me get my life in order and seeing as I'm making it public I'll have to complete tasks.

So here is the idea, make a list of the things you want to do before your next birthday, use your age as the number of things you need to do. Simple. Here it goes.

23 Things to do before I'm 24...

  1. Get a drivers licence
  2. Finish (start) baby's room
  3. Start up Baby and maternity label
  4. Do not become a smoker again
  5. Loose baby weight
  6. Finish atleast one book I've started this year
  7. Unpack my boxes from Cape Town
  8. Recycle my wardrobe
  9. Sew up summer dresses and sell them
  10. Learn Photoshop
  11. Get a new Christmas tree
  12. Organise my baby shower
  13. Finish putting up photos and frames
  14. Survive child birth
  15. Get involved in a charity
  16. Find a good nursery school/ Nanny
  17. Go on holiday to Cape Town
  18. Choose a surname for my Peanut
  19. Make a baby blanket
  20. Learn more about type-setting and Graphic design
  21. Enroll for a Marketing course
  22. Look into seeing a shrink
  23. Catch up with friends (long list)
24. Party the night away

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