Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I don't make New Years Resolutions as they are made to be broken round about the 2nd day of the year, so I have spent the last 18 days of January over eating crap, smoking like a chimney, swearing like a trooper, sleeping in and only buying a daily planner on Saturday.

I do however plan on changing all of that, as even though I don't say it out loud those are the things I want to change this year and therefore are kind of New Year resolutions.

So I started this week, I am trying to conquer everything starting Monday, this is how I have done so far.

Stop Smoking - um lasted maybe an hour, so it really never started, reasoning: I never finished my box on Sunday so smoked my last 3 on Monday. Tuesday my dad left 3 smokes for me on the kitchen table and then continued to buy me a whole box in the evening, I have no choice but to smoke them right... will try again next Monday.

Diet - Monday and Tuesday failed epically, Peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches go straight to the ass, but have started today with Herbalife, yes yes, milkshake diets are bad for you and it might not work but if it does I should be loosing oodles of weight. This I won't fail, I WILL FIT INTO MY CLOTHES BY MY BIRTHDAY! 31 March!

Swearing - only reason I want to stop is because I don't want Aiden's first word to be F*ck, so far, I don't know I haven't been concentrating.

Sleeping in - I work from home, on my bed and generally in my pj's, sounds awesome right, at times yes but also an easy way to slip into depression as it gets lonely, pj's are only meant to be slept in and you begin to hate your home as much as you hate your office. Monday - slept till 8.30, worked in pj's. Tuesday - slept till 8, got changes at 12pm and today - out of bed by 8 and made it into a track suit, tomorrow my aim will be to brush my hair as well.

Daily Planning - I havent got my brain back, I seem to have kept the pregnancy brain and forget everything. I try daily planning every year, and always end up with an empty diary, week 1 done.

Aiden sleeping in his own cot - he's been sleeping in my bed from day one, I was heart broken on Monday when I had to put him in his cot next to my bed. The last 2 nights have gone well he has slept in his cot till about 4.30am when his little heart is crying out for me and he sleeps in my arms till about 7am. So only a half failure there.

Why are all these simple things, that can only make my life more controllable and better so hard to do.

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