Monday, January 30, 2012


A few weeks ago I posted this video:

"Why I hate religion, but Love Jesus"

Of course I expected a response, I am controversial, confrontational and opinionated. If I wasn't I just wouldn't be me. I got this link to a blog, you can follow it for there opinion and I'll explain why I still love this video...Opinion 101

My Opinion

"Gender-exclusive language" I really doubt that was intended and in any way meant to come out as sexist, when I talk about things 'in general' I talk about 'her' and 'she' as I am a woman and saying both 'he' and 'she' in every sentence would take rather long and take out the art of the fact that this dialogue is actually a poem.

I am a young person, and have gone to church my whole life, Sunday school, Youth and Sunday services. My mom read me bible stories and I prayed before I went to bed at night. I love this video, I love the message he is portraying and I still go to church on Sundays. I am still happy my mom dragged my sorry ass to church my whole childhood and I will drag my sons ass there too.

He makes a statement "Church is not a museum for good people, but a hospital for the broken" so he isn't saying church is evil stay away and don't let your parents take you there. He is merely pointing out what church should be instead it has become a building where people go to feel better than the rest of the "wordly"sinners, even though we are all sinners and all forgiven. 

Why is it "simplistic theology"and even if it is, does it make it any less true. He is giving his opinion, he is expressing what he's heart feels and he is saying it in a way that will reach youth today. With 14 million views he must be doing something right and maybe the church should take some pointers.

This is the video that responded to the previous one, this is the theological response: follow the link theological response

How theological of you, quoting a whole 2 bible versus, stating facts of the church's history and missing the whole point.

It's a POEM, no one is claiming that this is the new way, truth and the light. He is merely stating his opinion and doing it with LOVE, PASSION, FORGIVENESS, ACCEPTANCE and NO JUDGEMENT for the BROKEN who feel shunned by the church. That is the point of his poem.

Last but not least, he advertised his watch after the video, oh my word, big deal. He got his voice heard and did so by promoting a real nice watch, I'd actually buy one for my boyfriend. I think people forget we live in this world therefore we have to move with the times and Christians are actually normal people, living in this world not in the world of robes and sandals. Christians are allowed to have careers and are even allowed to make a lot of money and believe it or not we also make mistakes.

Watch the video, listen to what he's saying. Really listen and you'll see that his whole message, is simple:

God loves YOU, God has already FORGIVEN you, God is the ONLY one who can JUDGE you.

So in the end, my opinion, your opinion, his opinion, in the end it's what would God's opinion be. 

In my opinion, He would love the video and maybe if Jesus was walking the earth today, He would be wearing one of those trendy watches.

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