Monday, January 30, 2012

It's Party Time

My wonderful LITTLE sister, who I adore and is supposed to be little forever is turning 18, I say that with tears in my eyes. She is my best friend, one of my soul mates, she knows me better than anyone in the world. We look at each other and know exactly what each other is thinking. She keeps me living, she puts a smile on my face. I love her.

She's not my little sister anymore, I know I have one more year with her, if that, she already has a boyfriend now and a whole lot less time with me. Next year she'll be off to university or overseas and she'll meet a whole lot of new people and she'll be allowed to go out and do what her heart wants and I'll be old news. I'll be her OLDER sister with a kid, how boring.

If I'm feeling this way I can only imagine how my mom is feeling, but it's okay mom, it looks like Aiden and I will be here a while.

The point to all this is, it's her party in 3 weeks, it was supposed to be 6 but her boyfriend is riding the Argus so now it's 3 and I am organising. Shit is all I can say. If you watched my baby shower unfold you will know I don't do party's small, birthdays are meant to be celebrated and everything in life has to look pretty and amazing, it's just how I am.

She wants a Casino night, 1920's Flapper style, at least I helped instil some style into the beauty my sister has become.


  • To rent a Casino event place to come and run some games : R12 000 (What are they smoking coz I want some)
  • It is illegal to gamble at your home so you can't rent a roulette's table and such
  • 3 Weeks to pull this off is near impossible
  • Some of her friends are 18 some aren't, we pretty liberal with drinking but how do you make sure the right kids are drinking and the right ones aren't, especially when I don't care and would gve them all a tequilla (yes, don't send your teenagers to me, I will corrupt)
I have a lot of ideas, we even creating a "Kidz Zone", you know where you dump your rugrats while you go blow your rent money, yip one of those with a jumping castle and all.

Poker tables, Black jack tables, giant dice and cards as decor, playing card bunting, jelly shots, twinkle lights, smoking cocktail lounge.

If I pull this off it will be my new record.



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