Friday, January 27, 2012

Days of My Lifes

I wish I could tell you some inspiring story, make you laugh or maybe cry but the last for days have been the usual of vomit down my back, poop under my nails and hardly any sleep.

I think everyone around me has figured out I'm not really coping with being mommy 24/7 and have realised that although Aiden is my responsibility I am doing it alone and I have reached exhaustion or they just scared of me completely loosing my mind. Either way my parents and even my sister have started helping me out a lot more and not only when my wonderful child is happy.

I took my little pink pill that my doctor gave me to take the "edge" off and calm down the anxiety, I was so relaxed I could probably rock the devil to sleep.

My nanny started this morning, AMEN!!! I took a bubble bath right after she arrived.


  1. You know those first 4 months totally mess with your head.

    Super glad you have support though - it is the only way to go :)