Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Coffee Break

Dear Moms

When our boys were in primary school, we moved to a house with a colossal, a kid-friendly backyard. It was a perfect space for two young boys; and in the years we lived there, the grass was well worn! The house, however, was much larger than I'd bargained for, and it soon became a burden rather than a blessing. The tasks of scrubbing, dusting, vacuuming and dusting again, were never ending.

Convinced that every mom worth her weight in dish soap kept an immaculately clean, well organised home, I was determined to outdo them all! Housework soon took priority over time with my boys, my husband and time for me.

The one summer afternoon, while knee deep in rubber gloves and toilet cleaner, God got my attention through a strategically placed note, written by my eight year old son:

Hi Mom,

Do you think that if you're not to busy today could you bring out some apple juice and sit with us under
the big tree? Maybe you could stay and pitch to us for just a while 'cause I'm getting real good at hitting! But if you don't have time, that's okay.
I love you, Josh.

The gloves came off! Through the endearing words of a child, God graced me with a wake up call, reminding me of the riches right before me, and the missed moments I would never get back.

Endless daily tasks will always be there, but the time with your children will end. You have them but for a moment. Seize each one! Recognise that your riches don't lie in a perfectly kept house, an award winning casserole, or a made-from scratch, home baked pie, nut in the investment you make in the life of your children, and the fullness of life you've been graced with in them. Life is busy. The question is: What are you busy with?

Love to you,
Susan Holloran

Extract from "The Coffee Mom's Devotional" Celeste Palermo

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